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Hot Zone

Ep 116 | A Battalion of US Troops in a Country that Doesn’t Exist

Did you know there are US troops serving in 170 countries across the globe? You might be surprised to know the Pentagon reports that in March, we had troops in places like Bolivia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and it even reports we have two soldiers in Venezuela. I wonder what they heck they are doing there?

Anyway, most surprising to me is that most of the countries where we have US troops there are less than a hundred. But of the places where we have more than that, one place very few Americans know about is Kosovo.

Kosovo isn’t actually even fully recognized as a country, but the almost 2 million people who live there want it to be. the problem is political, geographical and religious divisions that have made this little slice of the former Yugoslavia a pretty violent place for much of its history. One of the most violent periods was in 1998 and 1999 when the Kosavo liberation Army fought for their independence from Yugoslavia. This sparked a massive refugee crisis with over a million people displaced. The worst of it was twenty years ago this week.

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