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Ep 03 | How Police Training Has Been Failing And Succeeding In The U.S.

Two entirely different incidents represent the state of police training in the U.S. today.

Guest David Smith, a law enforcement expert, tackles police training and how it has recently been failing in some areas and succeeding in others.

Recent articles about the sheriff from the Parkland shooting as well as legislators wanting to send law enforcement out to take guns away from citizens, a blatant suicide mission, represent the insane things going on with police around the states.

In the Lighter Shade of Blue we reveal how a sheriff’s past has come full circle through his passion for drumming.

Finally, today we honor two officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Deputy Sheriff Jacob Howard Keltner of McHenry County Sheriff’s Office, IL and Police Officer Nathan Hayden Heidelberg of Midland Police Department, TX gave their all while serving their communities.

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