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Hosted by former counterterrorism officer and Editor-In-Chief for OpsLens.com Drew Berquist, OpsLens Weekly provides experience-driven commentary on the week’s top stories related to national security, politics and other world news. Additional members of the OpsLens team join Drew to lend their expert analysis and opinions throughout the show. All OpsLens personnel previously served in the intelligence, law enforcement and military communities, to include the CIA and several special operations units.

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Hosted by a former CIA counter-terrorism officer and a former government informant on terrorist cells, the Talking Terrorism Podcast (TTP) will explore the preeminent issue facing the world today. Presented by Opslens.com, the TTP presents thoughtful analysis and debate that transcends politics and seeks to find common ground in an effort to combat terror wherever it exists.


“The Hooch” is a veteran hosted variety podcast that will cover a broad array of topics: sports, movies, politics, anything you would talk about while deployed.