Rant, Race, Russia

“A” criticizes “B’s” yard to his friend “C.”  Then “D” reminds “A” that his own yard is badly in need of attention. According to the mainstream media, D’s criticism of A was racist. Do you agree or was this simply the pot calling the kettle black?

If A equals Congressman Elijah Cummings and D equals President Donald J. Trump, does that change your answer? If you are the mainstream media, your answer is yes. But that doesn’t change my opinion because all events, large and small, are driven by racism.

Those things which cannot be contorted into racism come from Russia, which is just as bad. That is because our president is a covert Russian spy. In short, MSM dialogue is Rant, Race, Russia, the modern version of the 3 “Rs” which even the deplorables need to learn.

Not So Fast

In two months, I will be 86. I am white and old enough to remember racism; the kind where every “white” person believes any “negro” is inferior and not to be associated with. That is institutional racism. What we see today in the everyday hustle is not even close to being racism.

When walking down Main Street of my small, midwestern hometown as a teenager, I avoided being in proximity of any negro (the polite term when referring to a person of color) because it was demeaning to be seen with any person of color. What would people think of me? The N word was most often used to refer to a person of color. That is racism.

It’s now the mid-50s, I am walking across post (as a draftee serving my two years) chatting with a service buddy. He had graduated from Illinois with a degree in Civil Engineering, something I intended to do after service. We hung out a lot. As I glanced over at him, it hit me; he is a negro and it doesn’t make any difference! It was a most liberating moment to realize that skin color is truly insignificant. It’s the same as short, tall, fat, skinny. It’s simply a part of the person’s physical makeup and has nothing to do with the quality of an individual: smart, dumb, funny or lacking any sense of humor.

The military was probably the greatest force for racial integration in the 20th century. I became friendly with a negro from Brooklyn who said he would fix me up with a date if I came home with him over a weekend. We never got our schedules together before we were reassigned to other parts of the world, but I always wondered what my date would have been like.

The civil rights movement of the 60s finished off racial judgments (prejudice) once and for all, and anybody using the N word will be ostracized. There will always be a few people who defile those who do not look like themselves, but they have zero influence.

The best proof can be seen every day in TV commercials which routinely feature models of all colors and ethnicities, and these commercials cost millions to produce and buy time for in the programs you like to watch. If a hint of racism existed in our society, that would never happen.

When the racist political epithet is hurled at a convenient target, it is because they have nothing else to complain about. President Trump wants to build a wall along our southern border: he’s racist! The real argument is never joined, which is Democrats fear never winning an election without votes from illegal immigrants and Republicans do not want them to have those votes for the same reason.

Racism today only exists in the minds of MSM talking heads.

Russia, Russia, Russia

For three years, Democrats and their MSM allies have declared that Trump is a Russian tool simply because they tapped into Clinton emails and publicized the results.

Never mentioned is Secretary of State Clinton’s role in Putin’s 2012 election bid. From a July 27, 2016 piece published by NBC: “For a Russian leader who is considered as vain as he is ruthless, Clinton’s criticism long ago crossed over from the political into the personal. He carries a grudge against a woman who has publicly compared him to Hitler and expressed doubts that he has a soul.” Later in the article, Michael McFaul, ambassador to Russia from 2012 to2014, offered the opinion that Putin took the remarks personally.

Putin stepped down in 2008 after serving two terms as president, as called for in the post-Soviet constitution. He served four years as prime minister, an office subservient to the president and in 2012 became a presidential candidate once again. His campaign was marred by wide-spread protests from an electorate not satisfied with economic progress promised by Putin-dominated governance since 2000.

In his Putin biography, “The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin,” author Steven Lee Myers reports, “Three days after the vote, speaking to organizers of his coming presidential campaign, he blamed the on-going protests on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had criticized the conduct of the election.” He went on to say that she had a hand in organizing the protests.

After a rocky campaign, Putin was successful in his re-election bid, but harbored deep personal resentments toward Clinton. During his rise from KGB apparatchik to president, he never let a challenge go unretaliated. That would have been a fatal sign of weakness in Russian politics. If indeed the Russian government had a hand in hacking our 2016 election, the motive is quite obvious: It was revenge against Hillary Clinton.


Is there really nothing else to talk about? If you do an Internet search of Reuters Afghanistan news, you will get the following headlines:

Afghanistan names team to talk to Taliban, expecting swift U.S. deal to leave (July 31)
Afghanistan highway blast kills at least 35 on bus, wounds 27
(July 31)
Trump wants forces reduced in Afghanistan by next U.S. election: Pompeo
(July 30)
U.N. says almost 4,000 Afghans killed or wounded in first half of 2019
(July 30)
Two U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan
(July 29)
Death toll from attack on Afghan VP candidate’s office rises to 20
(July 29)

Not a single mention on TV news about events on the scene of America’s longest war or anything from Middle East where we have spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of lives while they whistle Dixie over and over again about imaginary issues. I leave you with the following quote from Nicholas Kristof“The news media’s silence, particularly television news, is reprehensible. If we knew as much about Darfur as we do about Michael Jackson, we might be able to stop these things from continuing.”

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Wayne McLaughlin

Wayne McLaughlin is an OpsLens Contributor and US Army Veteran.

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