Is the Sky Really Falling?

Sometimes I can’t quite decide which way to go. Is it left or right, straight ahead, or do I stand still? No, I’m not talking politically, not really. But with all the talk that is going on in that arena, one has to consider the outcomes.

If we stay with the current administration, where does that put us? We will have a better economy. The way things are going, there will be a constant division of the political parties and very little will get passed in Congress.

We will still have the right to protect ourselves with our legally-owned firearms. There will be fights over immigration and how that is a national emergency. The oil industry will hum along, and the U.S. will not be dependent on foreign energy. People will stay employed, and the rest of the world will have to get along with us or face political and economic pressure from a president that doesn’t act in the normal “that’s the way it has always been done” manner.

On the other hand, should any one of the current crowd on the Democratic (or should I clarify that as the socialist) side get into office, then the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket. The oil industry will be legislatively banned. Guns will be the focus of repeated legislative restrictions with a push toward possible confiscation. The borders will be opened. The social services will destroy the economy with their cost, and the Republican politicians will be under constant investigation. Nothing really new there.

So, as the radical left becomes even more and more outside the realm of civility, will they move farther to the tactics of Antifa? Will that be supported by the left? Will everyone that disagrees with them become a racist in their eyes? Will civil war break out between conservatives and the liberals? Will big tech and Hollywood and the Green New Deal and bartenders now pretending to know better than everyone else be the new guiding light?

This stuff makes my head spin. Maybe it is time to buy a few more guns before they get banned, equip my gas-guzzling heavy-duty truck to survive the coming apocalypse, zombie or liberal, and move off-grid somewhere out in the boonies. I was in the army. I can eat MREs for a while. I know how to make do. There are some very tempting ads with reasonable prices on big lots of tactical gear. Is this the way to go?

I don’t know, I really don’t, but it is undoubtedly something to think about. You should see the new American Sniper seat covers I just put in the truck. I may just be leaning to the get-ready phase. I hope that is not something that ever happens. I can’t honestly imagine things could go that far sideways, but it is still not a bad idea to prepare. Hey, does that make me a “prepper”? I guess it sort of does.

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Jon Harris

Jon Harris is a former Army NCO, Sergeant Morales Club member, civilian law enforcement officer, and defense contractor with over 30 years in the law enforcement community. He is published in Army Trainer Magazine, authored regular columns in several newspapers, and is the author of the Cold War novel Breakpoint. His adventures as a security contractor in Afghanistan and Iraq can be found on www.dispatchfromdownrange.com. He holds a B.S. in Government and Politics and an M.S. in Criminal Justice and is currently completing his Juris Doctor degree.

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