Gamification—The New Black

By Tripp Skinner

Many corporate leaders have struggled with keeping employees on track regarding messaging to customers, especially if the workers are on the frontline dealing with people, such as in the food service industry.

Sam Caucci, CEO of 1Huddle, an innovative learning company, has an app for that.

Caucci believes gamification is the way to upskill your workforce; that is, make them more responsible for the customer experience and more knowledgeable to take care of customer problems before they get worse.

“When I started this company, I realized this is the first time we have five generations working at the same time,” said Caucci in a recent interview with Defense and Aerospace Report.

“It is harder to get people ready for work, and to retain these workers,” added Caucci. “Companies are not responding fast enough to changing demands from their young employees. What worked in the past no longer is acceptable to Millennials… Why not keep people at work with technology rather than automating them out of a job?”

With artificial intelligence (AI) in the news every day, the threat of automation is real. Having employees enjoy learning about their job, and improving their corporate knowledge and skills, can only help preserve their role in the company.

“1Huddle is about turning employee training, manuals and videos…into mobile games; we create a world where employees look forward to training, not something that bores them,” declared Caucci in an interview with EPodCastNetwork.

“Games spool people up faster. Training doesn’t work if you don’t remember what you learn. In addition, today’s workers identify with their coworkers. The people they work with become their circle of friends.

“The fact that we still have a skills gap tells me what we are doing in the form of workforce training is not working. You won’t deliver a good experience to a customer if you don’t want to do your job. One third of employee time is spent doing something other than related to work.

“Our workforce is more mobile than ever. Having a workforce that is ready, only works if employees are excited at showing up to work.

“Millennials are experts at games. Our research says they will have spent 10,000 hours on some sort of gaming device before they are 20 years old. This resource should be utilized.

“Gamification of your workforce training will result in better outcomes.”

It seems Caucci is onto something, something obvious and readily available to use for your company.

(Tripp Skinner is a Department of Defense consultant and contractor)

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