The Democratic Free Tulip Mania

By Tripp Skinner

Does anyone believe these unserious people? I’m speaking of the Democratic candidates for president of the United State, of course. Recent memes have come out mocking the blatant cash giveaways promised in return for votes by all of the POTUS wannabes. However, the plans of Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders seriously take the cake.

Let’s start with Harris’s plan to give workers $8,000 to supposedly retrain for jobs in this roaring Trump economy. The left-wing publication Vox writes, “For a segment of workers, one of the barriers to finding a new role is lacking the qualifications a position may require, coupled with the prohibitively high cost of obtaining such experience. While the idea of a so-called ‘skills gap’ has been largely disproven, there are still major inconsistencies in the kind of training that is offered by employers, putting pressure on workers to build the expertise they need for more specialized fields like health care and information technology.

“Harris’s new bill, the 21st Century SKILLS Act, which she [recently introduced], tries to tackle this problem by giving workers up to $8,000 to pay for training and any additional costs that might accompany that commitment, such as transportation and child care.”

With the federal government $20 trillion in debt, and with student loan debt in the trillions of dollars, throwing money at the problem doesn’t seem to be working.

“This money will never be spent appropriately and will not be effective in job-skilling,” declared Sam Caucci, the CEO of 1Huddle, a mobile workforce training company.

Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders wants to forgive all student loan debt, costing the U.S. Treasury upwards of $2 trillion. This is another boondoggle that will remove accountability for making bad decisions of those studying “gender studies” for $70k a year.

“Waiving money doesn’t solve problems, it creates problems,” adds Caucci. “There are two main problems with this plan. Number one, we are incentivizing the wrong people. One third of the recipients of this debt forgiveness will be from upper-income families. It motivates colleges to double down on price hikes, avoiding accountability. Number two, colleges are creating more problems in society by not providing skills for those entering the work force. We are seeing more and more over-educated and under-skilled job candidates. Forgiving their debt will only make them lazier.

“We need to come out with a plan which will penalize colleges for producing these types of graduates who can’t compete in today’s job market. We need better professors and better majors. Why don’t we hold students accountable? Make them earn it.”

Caucci goes on to explain that free cash does not help these people entering the work force train better or faster. There is no discussion of helping companies, who understand the type of employee they need, to be a factor in training employees, to reinvest better.

“We need to get back to a work force that evolves. To use a hockey analogy, we need to skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is.”

Caucci may be on to something.

(Tripp Skinner is a consultant and contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense.)

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