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‘In God We Trust’ Going on Some Cali Police Cars

The Bakersfield, California police fleet will have the words “In God We Trust” portrayed on their police cruisers, despite the ACLU and others disagreeing with the city’s decision to place such decaled insignia on its public safety vehicles.

Bucking the largely liberal-minded state of California and its penchant to do away with tradition while also appeasing oppositionists’ demands is, well…a godsend. And Bakersfield cops will be the ones touting the theocratic telegraph. Not only Bakersfield police cars but also Bakersfield fire/rescue apparatus will don “In God We Trust.”

According to the Associated Press, “The council of the southern San Joaquin Valley city [of Bakersfield] approved the decals Wednesday on a 4-2 vote,” and that the Bakersfield Californian “reported the decision followed a two-hour debate in which 19 speakers opposed the decals and 11 spoke in favor of them. ACLU attorney Jordan Wells told the council that placing ‘In God We Trust’ on police cars is bad public policy.” But Bakersfield city councilmembers had their say, so the graphics will be burnished on the crimefighting and firefighting battalions.

The ACLU attorney, Mr. Wells, had some profound claims to make, such as: “Unlike God, police officers are fallible. Their conduct should be scrutinized by the public, and when they overstep their authority, we must insist on accountability.” Gee, cynic much? And what does that have to do with four words comprised of four vowels and eight consonants decaled upon public safety vessels, reminding citizens they have savior(s) among them?

I wonder how he feels about lawyers and fallibility, or any professional title for that matter. I ponder his gleaming perfection as well. After all, his testimony seems a golden utopia punctuated by an unchecked accusatory finger. Or is it simply rusty thinking based on bias stemming from working with an everything-anti-cop organization? Because we say so mentality?

Even the fed took notice, and chimed in. “Displaying ‘In God We Trust’ — the official motto of the United States — on Bakersfield Police Department cars is a testament to each officer’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and defending the City of Bakersfield and its residents,” United States Congressman Kevin McCarthy explained to The Californian. That’s framing it in larger context. How ’bout that view, Mr. Wells? By the way, Mr. Wells, the probability of the cash denominations in your wallet or pocket has “In God We Trust” authorized by the federal government many moons ago. Bad public policy? Will you be throwing your money away?

Despite what I think or what you think about Mr. Wells’s declarations, Bakersfield city Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan offered him a subdued bird, saying, “It’s meaningful. It’s powerful. Those words are intended to encourage.”

By God, she’s right…in a land largely governed by the proven untrustworthy left.

It’s also not costing Bakersfield taxpayers anything. Nada, zilch, zero. reports the decals are being funded by a private source, the same way my law enforcement agency received its Tasers and training thereof. God Bless America.


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Stephen Owsinski

Stephen Owsinski is an OpsLens Content Manager and Contributor. Owsinski is a retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit. He is currently a researcher and writer. Follow Stephen on Twitter @uniformblue.

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