William Barr in the Crosshairs

Democrats and the media have Attorney General William Barr in the crosshairs of their destruction machine. He sealed his fate with one sentence during his Senate testimony on Wednesday. He said he was going to review the faulty investigation into the Hillary Clinton email and private server scandal.

FISA Warrant, Uranium One, and the Hunter Biden-Ukraine Affair

That statement came on the heels of previous announcements that he has launched investigations into how the FISA warrant was obtained, and who authorized the domestic spying against the Trump campaign. These trails are likely to lead to the Clintons and to former President Barack Obama. If Barr also investigates the crooked Uranium One deal, he is likely to rip the veil from the foreign influence-buying the Clintons had perfected to an art form.

Barr’s Justice Department also is likely to investigate the Hunter Biden-Ukraine affair. The son of the former vice president (and leading 2020 Democrat presidential candidate) was on the board of a Ukrainian energy company under investigation by Ukrainian authorities. Then-Vice President Biden showed up in Kiev with $500 million in U.S. aid, but said he would not release the funds until the prosecutor targeting his son was fired. The prosecutor was fired the same day.

Barr’s promised investigations will not stop at John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, or Bruce and Nellie Ohr. None of them would have spied on a political opponent or planted false evidence of Russian collusion on their own. Experienced Washington hands surmise that the investigative trail will lead to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Barr in Crosshairs of Democrats

Democrats know this (as well as Republicans) and will do anything to stop it. Therefore, they have changed their tack immediately since yesterday’s hearing, and are baying full-throated for Barr’s blood. They are moving to impeach his character, and calling for his resignation.

Nancy Pelosi made the ridiculous charge that Barr lied to Congress. Adam Schiff, who lied for two years about the findings of the Mueller investigation, is calling for Barr to resign. The House Judiciary Committee attempted to have Barr questioned by staff attorneys rather than actual members of Congress.

Using staff to question a Cabinet member is a clear violation of the laws governing congressional oversight. It has never been done in the history of the Republic, but the Democrats are pretending that Barr’s refusal to go along with it is evidence that Barr is hiding something. Their clown show on Thursday, calling Barr a coward and setting a toy chicken and a bucket of KFC at the witness table, was a solemn mockery of congressional proceedings.

But it will get worse. They will try to do to Barr what they did to Ken Starr, who had the temerity to expect Bill Clinton to be subject to the same laws as every other American. Or what they tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh, who committed the crime of believing that laws should be made by elected legislators, not by judicial fiat.

Out from Under the Rocks

Barr is one of the most experienced attorneys in Washington, and he is not likely to be moved by their hideous wailings and gnashing of teeth. He will continue to investigate, turn over every rock, and follow the evidence where it leads.

Pity the poor creatures running from under those rocks. Some will turn on their political masters rather than “roll over one more time,” as the hapless Webb Hubbell once said while in prison for covering up Hillary Clinton’s crimes. When they do, they had better watch their backs. This is a nasty town, and these are nasty people.

Watch the Democrats and listen to their diatribes against Barr. But take them with a grain of salt, and remember that they are forming a sacred guard around the Clintons and the Obamas. They cannot stop the investigations; they know where they will lead, so the only choice left is to impugn the prosecutor. Watch and listen, but don’t be fooled. Just follow the evidence. That’s what Barr will be doing.

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Bart Marcois

Bart Marcois (@bmarcois) was the principal deputy assistant secretary of energy for international affairs during the Bush administration. Additionally, Marcois served as a career foreign service officer with the State Department.

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