While There Are Homeless Vets, No Public Housing for Illegals

Just when you thought Dems could not go any lower, they pathetically surprise you. The latest was yesterday when HUD Secretary Ben Carson took heat from their minions at a House Financial Services Committee hearing over his plan to deny public housing to illegal aliens.

When there are over 35,000 U.S. military veterans who sleep on the street every night, housing even one person who broke the law and now is a burden to this nation is a shameful thing and a slap in the face to every one of those veterans.

I ran a homeless shelter in Philadelphia for U.S. military vets for four years and I can tell you, tonight, in every major city in America, vets will go hungry, jobless, and homeless while illegals go fed and housed via the courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) told Carson his plan “would bring nothing but despair to thousands of American families.” Earth to Maloney: To be classified as an American, citizenship is required. By definition, illegals are not citizens. Though we understand why you would want them seen as such.

All those extra dependent votes, eh Maloney?

She went on to say she found the proposal “despicable.” You know what actually is despicable?

When cynical politicians use people like pawns to gain their ends. Do you think Maloney cares one whit about the homeless one way or another? I seriously doubt it. Oh, I bet she talks a good game. However, to her they are nothing aside from a means to an end. The end is to make people dependent on the U.S. government for their sustenance.

Carson countered that the plan has a six-month deferral built in so those illegals currently in the program would have time to make arrangements for other housing. Then, way too generously, there can be two more deferrals after that for a total of an extra eighteen months still on the taxpayer’s dime. Even upon hearing that, Committee Chairgorgon Maxine Waters (D-CA) called the idea “cruel.”

As a cruel as the prank played on her by her wigmaker? Unlikely.

If there was no issue with homelessness in America, if all had proper housing and no vet slept in a city doorway, then perhaps we could consider and afford some type of program that would publicly house illegals until their status is adjudicated. The program envisioned, with its eighteen-month cushion, goes far towards that generous goal. Too far.

If aliens knew they would not get free room and board out of American wallets maybe they wouldn’t be so fast to cross the border illegally. By subsidizing this behavior we only encourage them and take resources away from the proper mission to deal with our own homeless, especially those who have served this nation in uniform.

But excuse me. I was thinking about the issue of housing people, not counting the potential votes of pawns.

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David Kamioner

A veteran of service with US Army Intelligence, the Pershing Nuclear Brigade, and the First Infantry Division, Kamioner is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s European Division and spent over twenty years as a political consultant, college instructor, non-profit director, and corporate PR director. He hails from New York City and grew up in South Florida. He served with the American Red Cross as part of the relief effort for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. For several years he ran homeless shelters, most recently homeless shelters for US military veterans. He currently is a Senior Contributor for OpsLens.com, a writer for American Greatness, and has been published in LifeZette. He is the author of the novel "Prisoner of the Chattering Class" and lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

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