We Still Need You, Mr. President!

As we gear up for another family trip across the country, I cannot help but reflect on last year’s trip—the voyage that inspired me to write my first article for OpsLens. Almost immediately upon leaving the muddled, mismanaged mess that is California we spotted new growth that only a booming economy could bring. We don’t see so much of this in California, so it was refreshing and uplifting to witness. Now, on the eve of our next cross-country jaunt, while not really treasuring the idea of traveling with two young children again, I am looking forward to seeing any new signs of continued prosperity.

The other day, almost as if on cue, my daughter’s chubby hands pulled a letter from our mailbox. It was a letter from President Donald Trump, in response to that very first article. It serves as a reminder that what we say matters. I have written several more since. While many times I feel that all I can hear are the whiners, the complainers and the angry trolls, I am glad that I took the time to write words of support to our president. Like many of his supporters, much of the time I am too busy to be heard. I don’t have time to whine. My time is spent raising children and trying to ensure that they have the best possible future. As the 2020 election nears, I hope that the silent ones (like me) do not get discouraged by the din of negativity and allow the outraged trolls to take over.

And thank you again, Mr. President. We still need you, sir!

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Shelly Mateer

Shelly Mateer is a former CIA officer and author of "Single in the CIA, Mission: Stand Down" and the "Mingling in the CIA" series, as well as a children’s picture book, “Mommy Thinks She's a Monster.” She's also the creator of the Cooking in the CIA app and the BurpMitt® product line. Her books are inspired and influenced by her experiences working undercover for the CIA's Directorate of Operations.

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