The Most Legal of Coups

Two coups and one countercoup are now taking place in two of the oldest systems of representative government in the world. Here in America and in the United Kingdom the specific systems are different and the players widely divergent. The U.S. plotters attempt undemocratic change by using psychological warfare to undermine the will of the people as expressed through the ballot box. The British plotters use their parliamentary system to the same end and the British Brexiteers are resisting them.

Is it all legal? Yes, absolutely. Though many incipient authoritarian regimes have come to power through legal means. By legal I mean are the congressional and parliamentary shenanigans legal. As to past moves in the U.S., attorneys Horowitz, Huber, and Durham will have something to say about that.

You read the news as well as I do so I won’t bore you with a current report on the situation on the ground in DC. However, part of the strategic coup plan is this: use the power of congressional subpoena to demand things the Dems know full well they won’t possibly get. When they naturally don’t get it, scream “cover up,” reference Watergate, and claim democracy is at stake. Dem drama queens are converting the absurd to the seemingly reasonable. This is normal political psyops. The Trump administration knows their game and is not accepting their premise, which is the proper response to the gambit.

For once you play by an opponent’s tune you’re on permanent defense.

What Nadler, AOC, Schiff, etc. are doing is trying to reverse through legal means the result of the 2016 presidential election. Like spurned lovers, they still can’t fathom the American people preferred another. So Dems through time, focus, and resource-wasting circuses will now make their rival, the duly elected POTUS, pay dearly for his triumph over the once expected regime. If America is hurt in the process? Well, to the Dems, for some time now, America can be damned. To the Dems we don’t deserve a republic because we rejected them. Hence the coup attempt.

On the other side of the pond over 17 million voters approved Brexit in 2016. They won a solid victory. But then the Tory Party inexplicably put in place a prime minister who was against Brexit and has since done everything in her power to stop it. She has been aided in this regard, as Nadler and company are aided here, by legions of pseudo-elitists who have no sympathy for the democratic will.

Several of you have asked me what I mean by “pseudo-elitists.” Well, I mean just that: false elitists. As an elitist myself I see real elitists as those who appreciate and encourage the pursuit of excellence in all fields. Too many people see wealth and position as inherently wrong, although many times that rank was achieved by talent and hard work. If someone has legitimately earned their way to an elite status then, as a fan of the competitive free market, I generally say good for them. Hopefully they will stand as examples to others.

Those who ritually denounce elitism but have no problem with advancing their own status, or who don’t understand that elitists are and must be in an exclusive minority (or they wouldn’t be elite) in any true democratic republic, are those I term the pseudo-elite. Rich socialists, sanctimonious patricians, and watermelon communists are among their lot.

After gaining the British premiership Theresa May, the aforementioned anti-Brexit PM, has gnawed and chipped away at Brexit until her latest iteration, already DOA in the House of Commons, looks nothing like what voters approved in 2016. It is simply a coup against the people.

For her troubles the countercoup has arrived.

Led by her own resigning ministers and PM candidate Boris Johnson, they are trying to push her out of office early rather than later. In the British parliamentary system a PM can be forced out of office by the party they lead. It happened to Thatcher in 1990. It almost happened yesterday and there were well-sourced reports she was leaving Wednesday night. Alas, the can was kicked down the road until Friday.

That is because today, Thursday, the EU elections, which the UK would not be taking part in if Brexit had been executed on the initial legal date, are taking place. Her party, the Tories are predicted to take a fourth- or fifth-place drubbing at the hands of the Brexit Party under Nigel Farage. She may be history as a result of that. Though after Brexit, British polling is suspect and I hope Farage isn’t being set up for an engineered disappointment.

As advertised by title, the Brexit Party has only one goal: to get the UK out of the EU as mandated by the 2016 vote. It is a countercoup to restore the rightful vote of the people. Kind of as, in a very broad sense, Richard Coeur de Lion reclaimed the crown from his rebellious errant brother John Lackland.

So all four processes proceed in due course. May and her coterie continue to try and hang on and usurp the will of the voters. Johnson, Farage, and their company will continue to try and oust her to then initiate actual Brexit. Nadler will continue to attempt to undermine the chief executive by psyops. President Trump will continue to tell Nadler and the Dems to take a flying f***.

All perfectly legal. All perfectly fascinating.

More on May and the EU vote in tomorrow’s column…

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David Kamioner

A veteran of service with US Army Intelligence, the Pershing Nuclear Brigade, and the First Infantry Division, Kamioner is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s European Division and spent over twenty years as a political consultant, college instructor, non-profit director, and corporate PR director. He hails from New York City and grew up in South Florida. He served with the American Red Cross as part of the relief effort for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. For several years he ran homeless shelters, most recently homeless shelters for US military veterans. He currently is a Senior Contributor for OpsLens.com, a writer for American Greatness, and has been published in LifeZette. He is the author of the novel "Prisoner of the Chattering Class" and lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

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