Some Prosecutors Betray Their Oath and Diminish Their Office: An Update on the Insanity

This is more or less an update to the current insanity sweeping through so-called prosecutors’ offices across the country. I said prosecutors, right? We call them city attorney, prosecuting attorney, district attorney, state’s attorney, etc. Supposedly, the title refers to officials charged with prosecuting criminals who the court may find guilty or not guilty, right? Some call it justice. Well, justice, whether acquittal or conviction, is only possible if a prosecutor actually prosecutes criminals.

I’ve written about Suffolk County (MA) District Attorney Rachael Rollins and her toxic anti-cop policies. On her official website, she brags about “The opportunity to serve as the top law enforcement officer in Suffolk County.” Last I heard, law enforcers enforce the law—and law enforcers who also happen to be prosecutors prosecute defendants suspected of breaking the law. Among other items on her agenda, she has essentially decriminalized many crimes (one great way to reduce crime stats, I suppose), including resisting arrest. These so-called prosecutors often hide behind “filing guidelines,” but this is something else. This is driven by pure anti-cop bias.

And we all know about Cook County (IL) State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who effectively decriminalized felony-disorderly conduct, false reporting, making false statements (to investigating officials), conspiracy (and whatever others the 16-count Jussie Smollett indictment included). Not sure if this Chicago prosecutor has a policy of not prosecuting suspects who resist arrest like DA Rachael Rollins in Boston, but, there’s this controversy. She may have colluded for leniency with an assault suspect accused of “punching and kicking” eight Chicago police officers. Reportedly, “the suspect had worked for Foxx’s political campaign in 2015.”

So, Rachel Rollins, a prosecutor from the state in which I was born and raised, is refusing to prosecute suspects for resisting arrest, which encompasses both passive and active physical resistance. And, 3,000 miles west, to bookend this update on prosecutors who don’t prosecute, here’s a story from a similarly leftist-afflicted prosecutor from the state where I now live and served my law enforcement career.

According to Jason Rantz, of KTTH Radio 770, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg “will ‘not file [charges] when the assault can best be described as resisting’ an arrest from an officer, his office confirms.” One law enforcement deputy told Rantz, “That [standard] is wrong on so many levels and makes it open season on LEOs [law enforcement officers]. It’s infuriating.”

Yes, it’s infuriating. Especially for the deputy who had a 20-year-old female suspect, wearing tall boots, kick him in the groin. This offense went beyond passive resisting arrest to a straight-out assault of a police officer—a serious felony.

Remember, when someone assaults a police officer, they’re not simply attacking another person, though that’s bad enough. No, they’re attacking society’s representative of law and order—they’re attacking the office. They’re attacking the law—they’re attacking society itself.

Satterberg declined to charge the suspect who kicked the deputy, and his office reportedly stated it would only charge, “if the assault can best be described as an intentional attack on the officer and the officer has an injury or experiences significant pain as a result of the attack [emphasis mine].” How exactly does a suspect “unintentionally” attack a cop? Doesn’t the word attack presuppose intent?

King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht says, “we need to rethink this.” The sheriff said she read the deputy’s report, and she believes the kick was intentional, and she believes the deputy was in real pain. Let me tell you, sheriff…I’ve been there; he was in real pain.

But I guess not in enough pain to satisfy Satterberg who proves himself just another cog in the Great Pacific Northwest’s anti-cop, neo-leftist, social-justice machine. And he’s doing his best to diminish his office and certainly the oath he took to enforce the law responsibly. Sounds like he’s more interested in protecting criminals than cops—and that’s nothing but pure leftist politics. But hey, as these “stellar” examples of American prosecutorial jurisprudence show, there’s an awful lot of neo-leftist insanity going on across the country these days. In fact, way too much!

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Steve Pomper

Steve Pomper is an OpsLens contributor, a retired Seattle police officer, and the author of four non-fiction books, including De-Policing America: A Street Cop’s View of the Anti-Police State. You can read a review of this new book in Front Page Magazine and listen to an interview with Steve on the Joe Pags Show. Steve was a field-training officer, on the East Precinct Community Police Team, and served his entire career on the streets. He has a BA in English Language and Literature. He enjoys spending time with his kids and grand-kids. He loves to ride his Harley, hike, and cycle with his wife, Jody, a retired firefighter. You can find out more about Steve and send him comments and questions at www.stevepomper.com.

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