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Military Spouse Appreciation Day: Men and Women of Many Hats

Scrolling through my social media feed this morning, I was bombarded by so many appreciative posts celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Teachers Appreciation Day, Nurses Appreciation Day, and Mother’s Day. Every year in mid-May, Americans take time to honor these individuals with days of recognition. It struck me how many of the people that I know fill more than one of these roles.

While military spouses, teachers, nurses, and mothers exist in every variety imaginable (and how lucky the world is for that diversity!), I was struck by how much crossover there seemed to be between these roles in particular. I decided to do some research into what worked for these celebrated individuals.

I looked at the 2017 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring our Heroes Military Employment Report, the 2018 White House Military Spouses in the Labor Market Report, and trending articles on military spouse employment, including one from Military.com on portable jobs, one from Military One Source on nursing, and one from Military.com on teaching.

  • 92 percent of military spouses are female. 41 percent of military spouses have children. That’s a lot of military spouse mothers who should be celebrated extra hard for Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Mother’s Day this week!
  • 12 percent of military spouses are also serving. These dual-military couples are true rockstars.
  • “The need for registered nurses and healthcare employment is expected to grow,” making it a great option for military spouses who often have to find new jobs every few years due to a relocation. This may be why so many turn to nursing as a rewarding and portable career.
  • Like nursing, teaching requires professional licensure, which can vary by state. Consider an in-demand subject area like Special Education to make yourself the most employable.
  • “National certification gets you better pay,” said one teacher. “And once you have that, it makes licensing in any state even easier.”

Being a military spouse, teacher, nurse, or mother (or any combination thereof) is no easy feat. To those who wear multiple hats, I am forever impressed with your dedication to taking on challenging tasks each and every day. Thank you to all military spouses, teachers, nurses, and moms!

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Katie Begley

Katie Begley is a US Naval Academy graduate and former Surface Warfare Officer. In addition to being a military spouse, she is a freelance writer specializing in travel, education, and parenting subjects. Katie has worked in numerous communications roles for volunteer organizations and professionally for a local parenting magazine.

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