Biden Not a Uniter, But an Idiot

I know it’s hard to teach basic logic to one so scarred with decades upon decades of illogical conditioning. Nevertheless, we will make a noble attempt on two fronts out of pity for Joe Biden. The same pity as you would show a dumb animal that can’t figure out how to extricate itself from the mud.

One, if perhaps fifty percent of the country supports the president, running against him does not “unite,” as per Biden’s campaign slogan. By the very definition it divides supporters from non-supporters. Which, number two, is a good thing. Because in a democratic political process debate and division help us reach decisions as to where the nation is going.

The opposite of that, save in time of national peril, a coerced (as it can only be) unification of opinion can easily be found in many dictatorships. This showcases the true views of the Democratic Party, i.e., that we must become “united” around their views. Anything else is “division” and is to be criticized as such. Nice trick. Big Brother would be proud.

On the first aspect, Hanlon’s Razor comes into play.

Poor Biden and his ilk probably just don’t have the brainpower to understand what they’re saying. These are the same people who believe Roe v. Wade is good law, gun control cuts down on gun violence, and it is better to appease terrorists than confront them. Those are all absurd policies that have been proven to be silly on a regular basis.

However, experience plays no part in the thinking of the left, only their frenzied ideology. The sad part here is that Biden is no freakish hard leftist, which is why if he gets the Dem nod he could prove bothersome, and his pathetic charade is fooling no one, especially not his fellow Dems on the hard left. Watching him mouth their nostrums is akin to listening to your granddad (and I say this as a soon-to-be prospective granddad) claim to be up to date with all the recent Top 40 hits.

Oh yeah Joe, boogie away. Uh-huh, get down on it.

Though Biden, being a normal pol of any party, will say or do anything to achieve power. So you’ll be hearing a lot from Joe Zedong.

The second concept, the “unification” ploy, is much more dangerously problematic. Not only for the authoritarian reason outlined above.

It also is a corrupting influence on political discourse because it perpetuates the PC bacillus so prevalent in education and pop culture in America. If this idiot were to become president, his lack of strength of character would permit the national debate to be run by those like the dim lights of pre-teen mind and comedy at SNL. Yup, it’ll be, “white male wrooonng (we’ll have to ignore old Joe’s race and gender), GOP baaaaad, me clever, me smart, me lurve Seth Myers.”

Free speech under these dolts? Not if it doesn’t “unite.”

Idiocy and totalitarian impulses: the one-two punch offered by the Biden campaign makes us long for the Biden of 1988. Not that he was acceptable as president then.

But at least about thirty years ago, he only focused on plagiarism.

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David Kamioner

A veteran of service with US Army Intelligence, the Pershing Nuclear Brigade, and the First Infantry Division, Kamioner is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s European Division and spent over twenty years as a political consultant, college instructor, non-profit director, and corporate PR director. He hails from New York City and grew up in South Florida. He served with the American Red Cross as part of the relief effort for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. For several years he ran homeless shelters, most recently homeless shelters for US military veterans. He currently is a Senior Contributor for OpsLens.com, a writer for American Greatness, and has been published in LifeZette. He is the author of the novel "Prisoner of the Chattering Class" and lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

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