President Trump Raises $30 Million in First Quarter, Easily Beating Top Democrats

2020 is still months away but President Donald Trump is already hauling in millions of dollars for his reelection campaign. The Trump campaign reported that it amassed $30 million in the first three months of the year and that the organization has $40.8 million in the bank.

President Trump is going to need it. Senator Bernie Sanders has managed to pull in $18.2 million so far, while Senator Kamala Harris has raised another $12 million. So far, 18 Democrats have declared their intentions to run for the highest office.

Through the primary season, Trump will almost certainly outraise the vast majority of individual Democratic candidates. However, as the ranks thin out and Democrats begin to coalesce, expect the frontrunners to pull in increasingly large sums.

2020 may mark the most expensive Presidential race in history, reflecting the stark divide between Democrats and Republicans. In 2018, Republicans suffered widespread losses in the House, with several traditionally red districts flipping to Democrats. However, Republicans were able to retain control of the Senate.

2020 could prove to be one of the most pivotal and hotly contested elections in history. Trump’s presidency has illustrated just how large the divide between liberals and conservatives has grown, with both parties increasingly shifting towards extremes of the political spectrum.

Overall, Trump suffers a negative approval rating. However, his base has proven to be extremely cohesive. His approval among Republicans currently weighs in at 89 percent, while 39 percent of independent voters support him. Just 8 percent of Democrats approve of the president. Overall, Trump currently enjoys a 45-percent approval rating, up from a low of 35 percent.

The 2020 race will likely come down to turnout and independent voters. As of now, both Trump and prospective Democrats have reasons to be optimistic.

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Brian Brinker

Brian Brinker is a political consultant and has an M.A in Global Affairs from American University.

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