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April is Month of the Military Child

Happy Month of the Military Child!

Spring has sprung in many parts of the continental United States. Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming. After a long winter complete with many extreme storms, Americans are finally able to get back outside and enjoy nature. No one is more relieved about this than America’s children.

Spring also marks the beginning of the unofficial “PCS season,” a time when many military families relocate to new duty stations around the world. Spring and summer have a noticeable increase in Permanent Changes of Station, due to a lot of factors. One of those is the desire to move military kids at the end of the school year instead of the middle.

That’s why it’s particularly fitting that we celebrate Month of the Military Child every April. It is an opportunity for military and civilian communities to come together to publicly honor the sacrifices that military kids make every day. And trust me, they do make sacrifices—frequent moves, having to make new friends, adjustment to new schools, teams, club, and prolonged separation from one or both parents. Organizations that support military families, such as the DOD Education Activity, encourage everyone to recognize what military kids go through to live a life of service.

“Sponsored by the Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy, the Month of the Military Child is a time to applaud military families and their children for the daily sacrifices they make and the challenges they overcome,” says the DODEA.

The DODEA suggests ways to celebrate military kids in your community:

  • “Wear purple on Purple Up Day”: Nothing shows support like a visual reminder. Schools, military bases, and other community organizations can designate a day in April to wear purple as a show of support. Share the support on social media with #purpleup.
  • “Web Site Feature”: Highlight the service of military kids in your community on your website or social media account.
  • “Publicize Installation/Community Events”: While you’re sharing, make sure to include links to upcoming events and activities for military kids. Many military installations, bases, and schools will be organizing family-friendly celebrations throughout the month.
  • “Host an Assembly for Month of the Military Child”: Schools can recognize military kids publicly at an assembly celebrating them.
  • “Salute to Military Children at Sporting Events”: Local sports teams can do everything from making special announcements before or during the game, to giving free tickets to military kids. They can even invite a military child to sing the National Anthem!
  • “Teachers Salute Military Children”: One of the most challenging parts of being a military kid is the constant adjustment to new friends and schools. Teachers can make a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom by recognizing military kids or organizing a special activity/craft.

Thank you to military children around the world for all that you do to keep our country strong.

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Katie Begley

Katie Begley is a US Naval Academy graduate and former Surface Warfare Officer. In addition to being a military spouse, she is a freelance writer specializing in travel, education, and parenting subjects. Katie has worked in numerous communications roles for volunteer organizations and professionally for a local parenting magazine.

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