Fox News, Pirro, and Brazile: What Gives?

My favorite television program is “Justice with Jeanine” airing Saturday night on Fox Cable News. Imagine my surprise recently when, set up for amusement, information and entertainment, this ancient rerun of Kennedy, rape and murder invaded my anticipated time slot.

And her sin was criticizing a Muslim congressperson for anti-Semitic remarks? Where did that come from?

Fox is the only known antidote for the purveyors of flim-flam who seek to normalize the bizarre of this political season like nothing before. Sixteen-year-old voters, doing away with the electoral college and stacking the Supreme Court, are treated like serious issues voters should consider. Fox opinionaters are the tethers that keep our down sides down so that we are not looking at the world through a windshield in our bellies.

And then there is President Donald J. Trump. If he scheduled a walk across the Potomac, reporters would only write about his apparent inability to swim. The website Magapill.com lists 328 accomplishments by this president, none of them trivial, and he is still judged by these goofs as unfit.

Black, Hispanic and Women’s unemployment stats are at all-time lows and he is called a misogynistic racist. Trump voters are referred to as dregs (by Biden) or deplorables (by Clinton).

How do I know this? Only because of Fox News, and I can only wonder what chilling effect their treatment of Judge Jeanine has on other Fox talking heads. Will Tucker Carlson reserve judgement on political schemes and instead serve up warmed-up left overs from CNN?

The question remains: Why? Could this be related to the Democrat decision to disqualify Fox from hosting any of their presidential debates because they might ask a candidate a tough, incisive question? That would help explain their hiring of Donna Brazile, a former DNC chair, fired by CNN for passing debate questions to candidate Clinton.

Unless Fox does something substantive to restore confidence by Dregs and Deplorables, they will follow the path of the Wonga Wonga bird and fly in ever diminishing circles until they disappear up their own rectum.

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Wayne McLaughlin

Wayne McLaughlin is an OpsLens Contributor and US Army Veteran.

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