Abortion ‘Rights,’ Dehumanizing Language, and False Science: The Anti-Life Equation

In Nazi Germany, Jewish people were described as “untermenschen,” a German word that means “subhuman.” This is a prime example of the language of dehumanization, where you classify the “other” as a “less than.” Whenever horrific acts such as genocide occur, carefully crafted messaging is an ever-present accompaniment. By creating moral exclusions that render someone a “less than,” it allows otherwise good people to ignore and/or make peace with evil acts being conducted in the public sphere. It allowed Germans in the 1930s and 40s to turn a blind eye to the Holocaust; today, it allows the wholesale murder of unborn human beings under the guise of “women’s reproductive rights.”

The Nazis called the slaughter of the Jewish people “Sonderbehandlung,” which translates as “special treatment.” We call the killing of an unborn child “women’s healthcare.”

It’s easy to exterminate vermin, so the Nazis took to referring to the Jewish people as rats. Today in America, we refer to children as “clumps of cells,” because nobody cries when you cut out a tumor.

“Endlösung” was the “Final Solution,” coded German language for the systematic extermination of an entire people; today, we call abortion “reproductive rights.”

I’m going to go ahead and say it: if you think “reproductive rights” means that you can fatally inflict your will upon another human being, then yes, we’re coming to strip you of your “rights.” If you think bodily autonomy means you can make decisions about ending the lives of other human beings, then yes, we want to strip you of your bodily autonomy.

Pretending that human life doesn’t begin at conception is anti-science and anti-reason. No matter how you package your hateful rhetoric, the truth is the same: you’re advocating an anti-life position. I’m not afraid to say I am coming to strip you of your so-called “rights” to murder-on-demand.

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Adam P

Adam is an Army Special Operations veteran, with over ten years of active duty service and multiple combat and training deployments to various locations throughout the world.

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