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Another County Kicks ICE Out of Its Jail

Here we go again. Yet another insane politician has leapt aboard the anti-cop crazy-train. Although, this one doesn’t appear to be leaping with both feet, as she seems more hesitant and noncommittal than some of her lefty counterparts. Still, Nassau County (Long Island, NY) Executive Laura Curran succumbed —well, sort of— to leftist pressure and is kicking federal ICE agents out of their Nassau County, East Meadow jail office where they’ve been assisting local law enforcement to fight crime for the past 20 years. But rather than just kick them out, she got herself in leftist hot water by moving them to a nearby location of which pro-illegal immigrant leftists dissapproved.

How do I defend my harsh descriptions of her decisions as being “insane” and “crazy”? Well, unless someone has had you secluded in a cave for the past few years, you’re aware of the heinous crimes committed on Long Island by gangs such as MS-13. Many of these gang members are in the U.S. illegally. Washington Examiner reported that 92 percent of MS-13 members arrested by police are in the U.S. illegally. This kind of violent crime screams out for local-federal cooperation.

How often do you have to see the brutally murdered bodies of young people (stabbed, hacked, and bludgeoned to death with knives, machetes, and clubs) dragged out of the woods or from school playgrounds before you concede there is a real problem that supersedes your radical, political agenda? Or is political ideology all that matters?

I recently wrote about a similar situation happening in Los Angeles County where the sheriff is ordering his staff to remove ICE agents who enter the L.A. County Jails. Curran ordering six ICE agents to vacate their trailer/office located on jail property mimics the boot given ICE agents in Los Angeles County.

From this office, the agents have been able to facilitate easy cooperation with Nassau County sheriff’s deputies when dealing with illegal alien criminals. Of course, law enforcement officials and the rank and file oppose evicting ICE personnel from the jail property. Many law enforcement leaders have described the move as “soft on crime.” President Trump described the move as that of “radical Democrats.”

And, in a move that shows the left doesn’t reserve its venom only for the right, one leftist faction soon set upon its elected, leftist county executive. After Curran announced ICE agents would relocate from the jail to the nearby Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) campus, her fellow lefties went bat-crap-crazy.

They argued members of the “immigrant community” would be afraid to go to the hospital when sick or injured because the ICE agents, obviously armed with their crystal balls, would arrest and deport them on sight.

Not to be a stickler, but since the left argues that members of the “immigrant community” would be afraid, why would any legal immigrant fear going to the hospital, ICE or no ICE? A legal immigrant wouldn’t. What the radicals actually mean, conflation aside, is people in the illegal immigrant community would be afraid—which they probably wouldn’t be either, but that’s the party line, so…. Stop with the disingenuous heartstring tugging. Immigrant community is not what you mean. Have the courage to say what you mean: illegal immigrant community.

Regardless, Curran pointed out the currently vacant building Z, where she said ICE would relocate, isn’t near NUMC’s main hospital building and thus not where patients and visitors would go. Nevertheless, protesters insisted on griping that “immigrants” would be afraid to go to the hospital because they fear being deported. The neo-left’s truth has no currency. The U.S. doesn’t deport law-abiding immigrants.

That’s why the left has created the fallacy that each of us creates “our own truth.” For them, objective truth no longer exists. It was New York’s own shiny new congresswoman AOC who recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “A lot of people [are] more concerned about being precisely factually and semantically correct than about being morally right.” In other words, isn’t she saying that A lot of [normal] people [are] more concerned with being right than with being wrong? Right?

There is also confusion as to where Curran would ultimately move ICE. First, she claimed to local media that ICE would move into the aforementioned unoccupied NUMC Building Z. Later, Curran emphasized ICE would actually relocate to Building A. She was very elusive with the Long Island News 12 news anchor when he asked about the discrepancy.

I’d think Building A, as opposed to Z, would indicate it is in a more prominent location, wouldn’t you? During the interview, she avoided designating the precise location of Building A. An NUMC map shows Building A is physically connected to the “main building.” Something about which she obviously didn’t want her leftist critics to know.

In a statement showing the county exec feels strongly both ways, she said, “I do not want people to be afraid to use the hospital, to come and get the medical care they need. I also want to make sure that we’re being as responsible as we can in terms of law enforcement and keeping bad guys out of our neighborhoods.”

Hey, citizens of Nassau County, Curran says, “we’re being as responsible as we can…” I don’t know about you folks, but I’d rather they be as responsible as possible when it comes to “keeping bad guys out of our neighborhoods.” As responsible as we can conjures false, self-imposed, political limitations.

So, she’ll be as responsible as she can be but not as responsible as possible, as she should be. I mean, “as responsible as I can” apparently doesn’t include county law enforcement cooperating with the specific federal agency responsible for “keeping [illegal immigrant] bad guys out of our neighborhoods” by deporting illegal aliens who commit crimes (including the crime of being in the United States illegally).

Regardless, it looks like Curran buckled to the pro-illegal immigration outcry and will keep ICE out of the university hospital. Though, she’s still not sure where they’ll end up. But she has re-rankled other leftists by temporarily allowing ICE to maintain its presence in their trailer on county jail property: “‘I heard the concerns of the community loud and clear,’ Curran says. ‘And the best solution… I spoke to ICE today, we’re going to let them extend their stay in that trailer at the jail while we come up with a more permanent solution.’”

Curran commented that her decision to remove ICE from the jail is in response to a recent U.S. Appellate Court ruling that doesn’t allow county jails to hold illegal aliens for ICE after their release. However, law enforcement officials assert that the ruling does not prohibit counties from cooperating with ICE or turning criminals over to them as they are released from custody. This is something having ICE agents on site makes much more efficient. What kind of elected official, responsible for the safety of his or her community, would want to make deporting criminal illegal aliens harder rather than easier?

When watching County Executive Curran being interviewed on the various news programs, I feel as if I’m looking at a politician in way over her head. And, regardless of what she says, her actions with ICE show public safety is not her priority. This despite her declaring, “Nassau County is tough on crime.” To which the Nassau County PBA counters that “Curran is soft on crime.”

Incidentally, the U.S. Appellate Court ruling applied specifically to neighboring Suffolk County. Ironically, Suffolk County has chosen to maintain an ICE presence at its jail despite the ruling. This indicates Curran does have a choice but decided to opt in with the anti-cop, pro-illegal immigrant radicals.

Any neo-leftist Democrat whom the voters elect to any job where he or she is responsible for implementing law enforcement policy begins their tenure completely out of their depth. In the real-world, law enforcement doesn’t lend itself well to politics. Yet, leftist politicians continue to try to impose their insane and crazy, social-justice agendas on law enforcement. I suppose it’s only right that this so often leads to leftists eventually eating their own. Which, if nothing else, does add a bit of humor to the otherwise insanity and craziness of it all.

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Steve Pomper

Steve Pomper is an OpsLens contributor, a retired Seattle police officer, and the author of four non-fiction books, including De-Policing America: A Street Cop’s View of the Anti-Police State. You can read a review of this new book in Front Page Magazine and listen to an interview with Steve on the Joe Pags Show. Steve was a field-training officer, on the East Precinct Community Police Team, and served his entire career on the streets. He has a BA in English Language and Literature. He enjoys spending time with his kids and grand-kids. He loves to ride his Harley, hike, and cycle with his wife, Jody, a retired firefighter. You can find out more about Steve and send him comments and questions at

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