The Irrational Majority

As the new Dem majority takes over the House, we are reminded of J.S. Mill, Alexis de Toqueville and their warnings per the tyranny of the majority. It’s a term that describes a majority that enforces its will over a non-willing minority by the democratic process. Given the Dems want to abolish the Electoral College, amongst other wacky ideas, it seems that’s just where they are headed.

Credit for boldness, though. The boldest thing Paul Ryan’s House usually did, excepting the members of the Freedom Caucus, was ordering the tuna instead of the chicken in the House cafeteria.

And what are these wacky ideas I mention? Well, there’s Pelosi’s “I reject your facts” moment, in a border security meeting with DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, as Nielsen was citing verified stats related to the issue. The stats were concerning the number of criminal illegal immigrants who tried to cross the border last year. A subject Nancy is a tad sensitive about, as the recent violence these vicious animals have committed covers the hands of Pelosi and company in blood.

Aside from the fact that I take personal umbrage at any criticism of the winsome Secretary Nielsen, it just shows that Pelosi and her cult tacitly admit that facts don’t matter to them and all issues will be decided by subjective interpretations subject to the whiphand of leftist ideology. Is the sky blue today, as the sun is shining in a cloudless dome? Only if Lenin says it is.

Another bit of fun from the Dems, in their mission to bring the entire nation to the state of the shadier parts of Caracas, is the proposal by some of their House members to raise the top rate of personal income tax to 70 percent. Nope, the pics from Venezuela, the food lines, the sanitary nightmare, the bare store shelves, mean nothing to the Dems. Why? They’re pretty sure Maduro and his cronies are living quite well on foreign goods bought in stores reserved for the higher ups in the socialist government. You remember what Orwell said in Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

The Dems figure they would also survive, perhaps prosper, in the event of a U.S. economic meltdown they themselves would bring on by the 70-percent solution. After all, can’t let the Vanguard of the Proletariat suffer, now can we?

They want to make Puerto Rico and DC, reliable Dem asylums, states and thus add four new Dem senators. Wouldn’t making DC a state, again harkening back to J.S. Mill, be a conflict of interest, as the congressional delegation would always vote in the interests of the federal government, as DC is a company town? But hey, feathering the home nest is what DC is all about, right? So why should we quibble over silly things like public ethics?

Regarding Puerto Rico, can’t we just agree with the left that the poor islanders have been the victims of over a century of horrible oppression by the racist white mainland government of pale-pigmented bad dancers? Because of such, it would be immoral and colonial to keep them under the far-away thumb of Washington. So, make them independent and free from the onerous burden of U.S. economic sponsorship. Yippee! Hang out more flags and banners and, nice knowing you.

The Dems are, of course, anti-Israel. One particular git from Michigan even erased Israel from her office map of the Middle East. This is a “rejection of facts” of a geographical variety.

Both rejections of fact are examples of the Dems’ love of the Big Lie. Say something loud and enough times and morons will believe you: Criminals aren’t crossing the border; Israel doesn’t exist; the Holocaust never happened. Different plays, same playbook.

The infant Dems also predictably want Medicare for all. Looking at how droves of people travel to Canada or Cuba for medical treatment too advanced to be available in the U.S., who wouldn’t? And no need to belabor it here, as I did that already in a recent piece, but they are dead set against a wall on the border. Maybe a compromise could be reached. We could build an effective border wall, except just not on the California border. The Scrofulous Bear State could then live up to its multiculty ideals, and take the usual consequences, to its heart’s content. Everybody’s happy, eh Nancy?

But where the Dems hit their zenith of self-serving cupidity is in their pitch to do away with the Electoral College.

They know a solely popular vote decision would have changed two recent GOP presidential wins and deliver the more conservative smaller states into the perpetual clutches of the larger states. Ergo, get bent Arkansas, the Dakotas, and Oklahoma. New York, Illinois, and California will tell you what to do from now on and you’ll like it. Texas and Florida? Current trends continue and those could go Dem soon enough. Some of us can remember that California was reliably GOP until the late 80s.

The Founders thought better, beating both Mill and De Toqueville by a generation, and saw the potential of what an aggressive majority could do to an outvoted minority. As such, they designed safeguards like the Electoral College.

They also knew that together, those small states were greater than the larger ones. Pitting them against each other wasn’t good for the national unity of a fledgling country, as eventually those small states would fight back. Given the nature of the culture wars today, it still isn’t good and could hasten a second rambunctious reckoning this nation should do much to avoid.

The Dems know that and will proceed anyway, relying on their victory in said culture wars and, accordingly, their ownership of a vast swath of the media, academia, publishing, entertainment, and the arts to protect them from the backlash. Keep the rubes quiet through indoctrination in schools and culture, stoke the fires of grievance with the right people, pay off who you have to, dumb-down the culture to simpleton levels, and make sure to brand all who oppose you sexist and racist. It’s a fine recipe for control. Then add direct popular vote for president, marinate in authoritarian socialism, and voila! Let the masses eat tofu!

Pity for them that rational Americans still control the presidency, the Senate, and have a working majority on the Supreme Court. All their cute little irrational notions will not pass any farther than a House vote and maybe, as there are new Dems from Trump-voting districts, not as far as that. You can even possibly get impeachment, as it only requires House approval. Like the Clinton deal, it will die a sure death in the Senate.

But let them carry on and have their votes. Let them run completely amok in the House. Do not waste much political capital opposing them there. Better to let America clearly see them for the loons and thugs they are and better for the GOP, for once playing it smart, to graciously give them the rope to hang themselves.

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David Kamioner

David Kamioner is a veteran of US Army Intelligence, serving with the Pershing Nuclear Brigade and the First Infantry Division. Subsequent to that he worked as a political consultant for over fifteen years and ran a homeless shelter for veterans in Philadelphia for four years. He currently is a Public Relations consultant in Washington, DC and lives in Annapolis, MD.

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