The New York Times Claims Basic Human Rights Are a Threat to Freedom

Well, the editorial board of The New York Times is back at it again. To everyone’s surprise, they have pushed so hard to the left that they broke through into fascist extremism, the likes of which we haven’t seen on this large of a scale since the Holocaust. This is what happens when “hot takes” are left unchecked and allowed to go thermonuclear. This is what happens when the very idea of equal rights for all means your freedoms are at risk.

The argument that a certain class of people has more rights than another class of people, solely because those people are “more human” than the lesser group, is disturbing to say the least. This type of ideology has always preceded some of the most evil and depraved movements in human history. In recent American history, we see this type of logic coming from the Democratic Party when they attempted to justify slavery in the United States; in more recent world history, the Nazis packaged this logic as eugenics and used it to make the Holocaust a reality.

It is important to remember that throughout recorded human history, dehumanizing language has been utilized to reinforce the acceptance of mass exterminations of people deemed “problematic.” Whether it is Nazis spewing out hateful rhetoric such as “Jews are rats” or so-called progressives insisting that “the unborn aren’t people,” the intent is identical: to deny personhood in order to deny the inherent right to life. It makes seeing your fellow man sold into slavery if you believe the color of his skin makes him only 3/5th of a man. It makes killing a child easier if you insist that you aren’t a “real” human being until some magical and arbitrary event that occurs some time after you leave the birth canal.

It used to be enough for the left to claim that pro-life people were trying to impose their religious beliefs upon women. Remember “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries”? Catchy, but empty of any actual fact or logic. The problem is, it is much harder to come up with a jingle in order to deny basic biological science. However, that is the reality that the anti-life coalition is coming face to face with. There is simply no scientific model that can claim anything other than human life beginning at conception; furthermore, there is no morality model that can support abortion, other than pure relativism.

In The New York Times‘ opinion piece, they actually have the audacity to say, “A society that embraces a legal concept of fetal personhood would necessarily compromise existing ideals of individual freedom.” Why, exactly? Is it based on their level of development? Would they then say “A society that embraces a legal concept of mentally disabled personhood would necessarily compromise existing ideals of individual freedom”? Is it their reliance on someone else for life sustainment for nine months? Imagine them saying “A society that embraces a legal concept of diabetic personhood would necessarily compromise existing ideals of individual freedom.” Don’t think that they aren’t saying that, these are the people celebrating European nations “curing” Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome isn’t generally genetically inherited. They mean that countries are eliminating people with Down Syndrome by murdering them before they are born. It’s an ongoing holocaust.

America is a land of freedoms. It isn’t compromising your rights to say that you cannot impose your will on another human being by ending their lives, regardless of their age, level of development, or location. To claim you have the right to do so is the same evil ideology of any other fascist, period.

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Adam P

Adam is an Army Special Operations veteran, with over ten years of active duty service and multiple combat and training deployments to various locations throughout the world.

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