Golden State Warriors Skip White House, Visit Obama Instead

Teams traveling to Washington, DC occasionally swing by the White House to say hello to the president and snag some photos. However, last year some members of the Golden State Warriors contemplated skipping the traditional champion visit, prompting President Trump to revoke the invite.

Earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors skipped the White House yet again, instead opting to meet with former President Barack Obama for an hour at his office in DC. Every member of the roster was in attendance, except Jonas Jerebko who was not with the team due to the birth of a child.

Just weeks ago, President Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers, the winner of the 2018 college football playoffs. Owing to the shutdown, President Trump opted to serve fast-food at the White House, paying the bill out of his own pocket. With the shutdown still in effect, it’s doubtful that the Warriors could have visited the White House even if they wanted to.

Still, some argue that the decision to meet with Obama is meant to be a slight towards President Trump.

Obama Remains a Star, Albeit a Quiet One

Former President Barack Obama doesn’t find himself in the headlines too often anymore. Like many former presidents, Obama has laid low in his first few years out of office. On a few occasions, Obama has blasted the current administration. While he’s rarely mentioned Trump by name, it’s obvious that Obama isn’t a fan.

Many Americans, however, are still fans of Obama. A recent Gallup poll found that Obama remains the most admired person in the United States for the 11th year in a row. The sitting president has typically dominated the poll. In only 13 cases out of 72 has the current president failed to be the most admired person. President Trump is among those who failed to be the most admired.

Michelle Obama, meanwhile, has been touring the United States, promoting her autobiography. Like many First Ladies, Michelle largely avoided politics while in the White House. In her autobiography, however, Michelle did criticize President Trump for allegedly endangering her family.

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Brian Brinker

Brian Brinker is a political consultant and has an M.A in Global Affairs from American University.

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