Outside the Box: An Immigration Solution

Whatever side of the political spectrum, I bet you would say “yes” if I asked if you were willing to commit to finding a solution that solves the immigration problem in a way in which you get what you want. That’s right, a solution that works regardless of how you lean politically.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: DREAMers. These politicians need to stop trying to leverage these people as props for the public. Here is the simple fix (yes, I said simple): declare that they have 30 days to apply for intent to become citizens. Here’s the kicker: we extend this same deadline to every individual inside the United States illegally. Everyone must submit documentation of their intent to become citizens; this will require DNA and biometric information, as well as submission to tracking and registering any location that they are going to reside in for more than seven days. When you move, you register with local law enforcement. Failure to comply at any point is a forfeiture of any right to become a citizen, at which point you will be immediately deported. If you’re the sole parent of a child here illegally, they will be deported immediately as well. If they are citizens, you can make the decision to bring them with you or surrender them to the system.

During this 30-day grace period, laws will be enacted to make entering or remaining in the United States illegally a felony. Jail time will be involved, followed by deportation upon the end of incarceration. You will no longer be able to apply for citizenship. Repeat offenses will involve extensive and lengthy prison sentences. And where will you be incarcerated? Why not on the border, doing hard labor and helping to build a border wall? Or perhaps you can do the agricultural work in which illegal immigrants usually find employment, except you won’t cost the payroll anything.

Also during this 30-day window, all legal immigration is immediately and indefinitely suspended, as is providing asylum. This is to be done so that all resources can be focused on processing the people already in our country, who are now in the United States in a legal capacity after having filed their paperwork. DREAMers move to the top of the stack, followed by packets in the order that they were filed. Approval or disapproval of citizenship will be done in court, with all applicants required to attend in-person. If they are rejected for citizenship, they will be immediately taken into custody for processing for deportation. There will be no caps on how many of the applicants will be allowed to become citizens. Every applicant will have the same opportunity, regardless of their personal situation. Obvious qualifiers and disqualifiers will be things like criminal history, gang affiliation, terror ties, education, and skills.

Once 100 percent of the applicants have been processed and all appeals have been resolved, the United States will open its immigration system back up, as well as being open to those seeking asylum. This will allow the current problem to be resolved, as well as placing laws into place to discourage anyone from even considering entering our nation illegally.

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Adam P

Adam is an Army Special Operations veteran, with over ten years of active duty service and multiple combat and training deployments to various locations throughout the world.

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