When ‘Because I Said So’ is Not Good Enough

Pertaining to the title you just read, anyone who has children knows what I’m talking about. All of us have said it as a response to a whiny “Why?” eliciting the proverbial “Because I said so!” And, as parents, we were usually right.  However, President Donald Trump, fortunately, does not get to use that response on the national stage because there is this thing called “The Freedom of the Press.” The press has the right to ask tough questions, live, on national television. And if you’ve got the “right stuff,” you better answer them. Not this president…

“Why don’t you let me run the country and you run CNN?” President Trump said during a post-Election Day press conference at the White House. That was his answer to CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s oration: “Why are you calling these people invaders…they are hundreds of miles away and are seeking asylum? They’re not trying to storm the walls, Mr. President. They are not invaders. It’ll be weeks before they even get here. They are mostly helpless women and children and broken men who just want a chance at a better life.”

Sure, there will be a few bad apples among them. For instance: my Irish grandfather got in a bar fight with a British Army Officer and put him in a hospital in the early 1900s. He changed his name and fled here to avoid prosecution.  Does that make me illegal? I hope not. Oh, wait, I was born here, so that guarantees me citizenship, right?


Our president, yet again, appeared unhinged at his press conference yesterday. Why can’t he answer a simple question beyond saying “because I think they are” and implying because I’m the president and you’re not? What is the reason for such an arcane answer? Why this in light of an abundance of reporting documents that there is no invasion coming, just a bunch of “families pushing toddlers in strollers. A group of skinny young men who say there are no jobs in their country.”

Say what you will. Spin it however you want. I can find a dozen more legitimate sources on this issue. But there is NO invasion coming. Just a problem that can be fixed if we work together. No one wants illegal immigrants. Everyone wants legal immigration. But what a mockery this is becoming. And our president is solely to blame.

Thank God we don’t have a real crisis on our hands. Like maybe when Turkey re-invades Syria and confronts our troops there next week. Or when our navy gets shot at in the South China Sea. Or when Iran gets legitimately angry at our illegal trashing of the nuclear deal and subsequent new sanctions. Or when the Palestinians decide enough is enough. Or when Russia invades Georgia. Or when Venezuela collapses as a state. Or when major terrorism resumes in Saudi Arabia. Or when Afghanistan is taken over by the Taliban. Or when Yemen collapses and thousands more die. Or when Nigeria succumbs to Boko Haram. Or when the entire North of Africa becomes a powderkeg. Or when nationalism in Europe becomes a force to be reckoned with. Or when nationalism in the U.S. becomes a force to be reckoned with. Or when climate change ruins our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Or when our bridges start falling down.

Holy S! And we’re worried about Brett Kavanaugh? Who does this guy think he is? What will it take to get past this nightmare?

The latest presidential (?) press conference provides indisputable evidence that our president is just a playground bully who is quickly running out of ideas. Sure, go ahead, spin it that the Senate was strengthened because of him, and only him.

As great as we have always been, our country is becoming irrelevant in the early 21st century because of one man. A failed businessman turned reality show star who somehow captured the attention of enough dim-witted Americans to become president.

Have you ever seen the movie “Idiocracy”?  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t, we’re living in it today. What worries me now is what comes next. He’s fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with a crony. I almost hope there is a legitimate crisis soon to expose just how weak and woefully unqualified this president is.

We have become a joke on the world stage and now John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are running the show. Yikes!

Thank God James “Mad Dog” Mattis is still SECDEF.

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Denny Ross

Dennis Ross is a retired Senior Intelligence Analyst with over 26 years experience with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. He specialized in Middle East weapons of mass destruction programs and homegrown violent extremism. Ross was the recipient of numerous accolades to include the Director of Central Intelligence, National Medal of Achievement.

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