Someone Needs to State the Obvious

President Trump is a disaster. I’ve decided that since our commander-in-chief makes BS a daily dose to our mental diet, that I’m pushing back. I’m going to try to create a BS zone where we question our fearless leader and his administration’s BS periodically, if not daily.

Friends, we are approaching critical mass with this stumblebum as our president.

This is what I think Justin Trudeau is feeling right now:  If I was one of your closest friends for 150-plus years, and I invited you to an important party with a bunch of our other important friends at one of my nicest venues, and you dissed me and all of us by not signing a simple joint statement, then called me dishonest and weak on the world stage, how would you react, you crazy, uninformed, blowhard?

This is what I’m feeling (and I hope someday to say it to his face):  Donald Trump, you are an abomination to the sane world. You are a threat to everyone’s existence. You are Putin’s tool. You are a disgrace to everything that is human. You are a disgrace to our nation. You have ruined what took 1.5 centuries to build in less than two years!  You should be hanged, upside down, on the Mall. You are the scum of the earth. You are a bad cartoon that should be burned. You are a racist. You are a misogynist. You are nothing like the people who built this country. You are a fraud. You are disgusting to look at. You should sleep with the vile scum that live in our sewers. Just thinking about you ruins my every day. And that’s the good part…

Your EPA stooge is likely doubling his security detail right now because he doesn’t know what else to do. Bolton, Pompeo and Pence…there’s a special place for them around the corner. It’s called the slammer.

Mother of God. You and your guys like Giuliani are a complete joke. A catastrophe for America. You are exactly what Putin wants!

What a clown we have as a president. Likewise, his Cabinet riding along in the clown car.

I mean, does anyone take us seriously anymore?

We are consciously aggravating our friends at a time when we need them the most. Hmm…sounds right up Putin’s alley. Why should any of us be surprised at what a joke he is on the international stage?

I am so ashamed. I was hoping to tour Europe soon. I hope I can pass for a Canadian for a while.

This ape is destroying our country. Putin won’t have to fire many shots.

On what insane calculus is Trump making decisions? I submit that Trump is indeed incapable of running this country safely. Peter and his Principle are whacking us on the forehead with a 2×4.

He needs to be replaced. Republicans, go ahead and pick his replacement. We’ll give you that one. Just make this nightmare go away.

Let’s go back to being respected around the world instead of being laughed at by everyone except Israel. Let’s not be the kid who takes his ball and goes home.

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Denny Ross

Dennis Ross is a retired Senior Intelligence Analyst with over 26 years experience with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. He specialized in Middle East weapons of mass destruction programs and homegrown violent extremism. Ross was the recipient of numerous accolades to include the Director of Central Intelligence, National Medal of Achievement.

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