Polls Show Democrat Advantage as Obama and Trump Engage in Final Showdown

The United States has reached a crossroads. On Tuesday, voters across the country will head to the voting booth to cast their ballots in what some analysts are calling the most important midterm election ever. Who’s going to win? Polls suggest Democrats, but President Donald Trump proved with his presidential victory that such data is fallible.

A CNN poll conducted by SSRS found that on a generic “Democrat” versus “Republican” ballot, Democrats lead by 10 points. Republicans enjoyed a similar margin back in 2010 when they swept through the House during President Barack Obama’s first midterm.

Democrats hold a key edge among women, 62 percent of whom support Democrats, while just 35 percent back Republicans. Democrats enjoy even stronger support among minorities, including 88 percent of black voters and 66 percent of Latinos. Support was divided roughly in half among men.

42 percent of voters also claimed that their vote would be to “express opposition” to the president. 27 percent reported that they were voting to support Trump.

Barack Obama and Trump Square Off for Final Round

Breaking with tradition, former President Barack Obama has taken to the campaign trail, stumping for candidates across the country. Presidents normally keep a low profile, especially in the first term following their exit, but Obama believes “the character of this country is on the ballot.”

Obama slammed Republicans for allegedly “blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying” in regards to their efforts to reform healthcare. He further claimed that President Trump’s focus on the border and migrant caravan was nothing more than fear-mongering. He also blatantly labeled Republicans as corrupt.

Meanwhile, Trump has been quick to tout the overall strength of the economy, warning that if Democrats win, they could endanger American prosperity. Trump has been painting a picture of a dystopian America overrun with “radical socialists” and illegal immigrants.

Now, it’s time for Americans to decide whom they believe more, and whose vision should hold sway in the future.

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Brian Brinker

Brian Brinker is a political consultant and has an M.A in Global Affairs from American University.

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