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These are the Supposed Stone-Cold Killers Anti-Police Enthusiasts Malign

Here at OpsLens we provide you straight-forward, unadulterated, purified news that is absolutely fit to print, countering the fiction mainstream media forces down throats. So let’s just keep the pace and go full bore. There is a social media frenzy circulating whereby cops from all over the world are lip-syncing and nominating other police officers to follow suit. It is catchy, to say the least. Most important, it is reality-based and humanistic, despite the hate-spewing mouthpieces pitting anarchists against the entire police institution. What you are about to view/hear is a mere microcosm of real cops being genuine…putting all the wrongly-placed cops-are-barbarians accusations to bed.

Law Enforcement Lip-Sync Challenge

With the analytic design of Facebook, it is hard to avoid a slew of like-minded subject matter, especially after you click on any particular posting. The veracity of that statement is still proving accurate. I saw a Facebook post a few weeks ago in which a short video depicted a few female police officers, sitting in their patrol car, lip-syncing to the Spice Girls’ song “Wannabe.” And I haven’t been the same since. Let me explain.

Besides the two female Laredo, Texas police officers partnering in a patrol car, performing a lip-sync duet, male cops from other, various police agencies across America opted for the same song. Not to sound sexist, but the female voices of the Spice Girls being synced by male cops gave an added twist to the challenge. It exceeded silliness, and that is precisely the point.

Yeah, a donut shop. How ironic is it that these blacklisted maulers came for some glazed or crumbed doughy rings before wreaking havoc on society’s snowflakes and social justice warrior dreamscapes? Whoever said cops don’t know how to have fun oughta be let out of the dungeon once in a while.

Often deemed dark humor, cops have some of the most incredible senses, with humor among them. As I endeavored to compose this article, I sought illustrative material. I never thought there would be such an infinity under the keywords “law enforcement lip sync challenge.” Some seem quite talented and “in key” while others are ad-libbing.  So what! It is all in the name of fun and to dispel baseless allegations that cops lack heart. You be the judge!

Following is a tremendous example of the non-officious side of cops. See if you can pick out the most dedicated performer here:

Watch the guy on the right… too funny!

Posted by Police Humor on Saturday, January 10, 2015

The afore-posted video has actually been circulating for a few years, perhaps giving rise to the hotcakes evolving daily on social media’s lip sync challenge. Although that version is broadly enjoyable, the cop behind the wheel exudes the exact purpose for this article. Not only are police personnel openminded individuals who must oftentimes display a firm exterior, but the closeted pseudo-Broadway stars come out now and then, as depicted here. Humanity prevails.

When I was a rookie, I found myself among some colleagues who had quite a propensity for churning out fun in the face of The Job which, endemically speaking, offered tons of tragedy and ugliness. It is the likes of the driver/cop in the above video which reminds me of those cops with whom I worked which made the life of cop culture much more bearable. Only human, right?

Albeit not involving a lip-sync challenge in particular, a Bellevue, Washington cop goes more broadly above and beyond, interacting with his community youth in a wide range of activities and talents. Police Officer Craig Hanaumi plays trombone with music class students, teaches jiu-jitsu, offers skateboarding tricks and feats, instructs self-defense classes, shoots hoops with kids, and plays ukulele with youngsters…all in police uniform. What a monster, huh?

Bellevue police officer skateboards into his community’s hearts

Not all heroes wear capes. This one rides a skateboard.

Posted by Yahoo Now on Thursday, July 5, 2018

Topeka, Kansas police Officer Steven Block engaged the law enforcement lip-sync challenge with a layer of seriousness and poignancy, honoring the fallen badges who did not make it home one more time. Block portrayed an excellent lip-sync rendition to the song “You Should Be Here” originated by Cole Swindell. Although I’ve never heard this particular song, it surely has definitive applications for fallen cops, soldiers, anyone who served and died on the battlefield…on America’s behalf.

According to, Officer Block’s lip-sync video exceeded three million views as of its reporting today.

True to what I wrote above, it seems some censorship was thrown into the beautiful mix of cops’ talents and heartfelt messaging. After I watched Officer Block’s lip sync video version of Mr. Swindell’s song, the Facebook video link claimed it was “Unavailable… This video can’t be embedded” which prevents me from banner-posting it here. Attributable to Officer Block’s video, I wrote the following: “Note the emotion expressed in Officer Block’s face, a seeming fusion of sadness and vigilance over the watch we cops are called to heed.” To make the implicit connection with an A/V component, I invite you to view the ostensibly-blocked video via Officer Block’s spouse’s Facebook page, at this link depicting her police spouse’s rendition.

Please point out the callousness and coldness here…before I spend money on getting my eyes checked.

And here is another among the many law enforcement lip-sync challenge contenders, specifically honoring a young cop-loving child who is reportedly battling cancer. Given that very last factor, watch how exuberant this young girl is when hanging out with and performing among guys and gals in blue. It’s a shame so much fun was had by all. Tsk-tsk.

(Credit: Facebook/Hallie’s Heroes)

The young girl in that video clearly knows the good guys and gals in uniform will have her back in song and, well, evidently foot pursuits. Backstories such as Hallie’s portrayed on the Facebook page Hallie’s Heroes exhibit the myriad support mechanisms cops provide on the daily to anyone of every age. Humanizing the Badge is not only a purpose but also a site which does exactly what its namesake implies.

After all that “song” it seems appropriate to conclude with a dance. Some so-called heartless personnel sure know how to shuffle-step. Have a look:

Houston cop dances with girl in wheelchair at a party

WATCH: A Houston police officer saw this little girl in a wheelchair watching everyone else dance at a party last week. Her face lit up when he asked her to dance.

Posted by CBS News on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

That is a Houston, Texas cop who happened to be at a dance when he observed a child with special needs. It is not unorthodox for police officers to conduct community-oriented policing (COP) in unique and altruistic ways. This was a spur-of-the-moment interaction spawning millions of views. Let us hope reality set in for those who conceived the entirely inaccurate and overly-propagandized picture in their heads. As a retired career-cop, I admit the notion of desensitization comes in-play at times during duty days and nights. Only human, cops make every effort to reason and sort through feelings born of death and destruction. Frankly, around children present in crime or traffic crash scenes…my equilibrium always unfailingly reset. Those kids had no idea what they were providing first responders who saw it all and tacitly wished for an organic, sanitized, heart-fueled experience.

I have a special needs child (severe autism) whose smile melts away the chronic and inexplicable dynamics of autism which we are trying to ameliorate. Haille just turned 18 and has yet to speak one word. But, her blooming smile speaks volumes and compels me to open doors leading to hope and uncharted territory. I suspect this Houston cop was placed in the same mindset as the young girl to whom he honored with a gleeful dance. The smile on that wheelchair-bound child’s face is just as in-sync with the dance twirls and twists.

“I love my job,” wrote the dance’s DJ who happened to capture the footage you just watched. Rest assured, despite what naysayers will have you believe, cops love what they do as well. Every human can whine about this and that and wait for someone else to assume the challenge. It is the human who returns and diligently explores resolution on the daily who offers the take-it-or-leave-it truth which every citizen deserves. There are tons of methods in policing America, and these are just a few among the many which are not being exposed, at least not by MSM. Nevertheless, that will not stop the public safety professionals from performing on your behalf.

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Stephen Owsinski

Stephen Owsinski is an OpsLens Content Manager and Contributor. Owsinski is a retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit. He is currently a researcher and writer. Follow Stephen on Twitter @uniformblue.

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