Bill and Hillary Clinton, Loyalty, and the Democratic Party

Does the treatment of Bill Clinton from the media in regard to Monica Lewinsky bother anyone else? I for one am shocked and appalled at their attacks against him. Some may be understandably confused by this statement from me, especially given how conservative I am. Please do not be misled by my statements. The Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, have committed some of the vilest acts to appease their narcissistic and hedonistic desires. I have no love loss for them, nor do I believe that there is anything that would fall under the too harsh category when speaking about them. No, my disgust is in how obvious the left is in their use of people for their own ambitions.

For decades, the Clintons were the most beloved democrats that walked the earth. To speak against them was to make a direct attack on democracy itself. That was until Hillary lost two runs for the White House and Bill became old and irrelevant. Now with the lack of yielded power, both actual and perceived, the left has turned on them…revealing just how disgusting their view of people really is.

This all comes down to loyalty. Loyalty to people, values, and morals. See, loyalty is actually a two-way street. My First Sergeant once explained his view of loyalty and it summarized it pretty well. He was sitting at home one night when a good friend of his called him up in a panic. This friend began telling my First Sergeant about how he had violated his professional ethics by presumably sleeping with a high school student that he had enlisted in the Army. His friend was now under investigation and called up my First Sergeant to get his advice on how to save his career.

To my surprise, my First Sergeant immediately shut him down before he could get out any of the details. His friend was angry at the lack of loyalty that my First Sergeant was showing him. They had known each other for years and now, when he was most in need, his friend was turning his back. My First Sergeant explained that loyalty goes both ways and not all loyalty is equal. He was loyal to his friend, but more importantly, he was loyal to his family first, his oath to the constitution second, and his values third. He told his friend that anything he admitted to that would violate the rules and regulations, my First Sergeant would be morally bound to report. In this regard, it was actually his friend who lacked the loyalty. Had he been loyal to anything but his own selfish desires, he would have never violated his oath or more importantly tried to place his friend in danger of being dragged down with him.

This is the key problem with the Democratic Party and why the Clintons and so many others are now finding themselves being thrown to the wolves. When there is a lack of moral clarity, and a desire to live by that code, then there can be no actual loyalty. Liberals across the spectrum are now finding themselves being hounded by these issues.

Let us briefly readdress the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal; briefly because there are entire books dedicated to all the intricacies involved in the Whitewater investigation. In the end, here is what is important. For me personally, the lying about his relationship with Lewinsky is not the most important detail. What is much more important is his abuse of power and authority that he used to seduce this young woman and subsequently ruin her life.

Throughout this entire saga, the media never turned against him. In fact, Jay Leno at one point stated that Clinton’s approval rating went up so much that he [Clinton] was already planning his next sex scandal. Can you imagine this same dialog taking place today? Yet back then, the Clinton’s were insulated from this scandal (and so many others) because of the influence they wielded. This gave them the loyalty of their party.

(Credit: Facebook/Happy Birthday)

Fast forward to the year 2008 when Hillary stated, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Of course, this was quickly disproven when video emerged of her standing on the tarmac doing a photo-op with the American soldiers and civilians (including children). Yet there was no massive backlash against her, despite the clear lie which, in my opinion, disparages every service member who has actually had the courage to run through sniper fire to accomplish their mission.

Even more importantly, fast forward to the Benghazi attack, where as the head of the State Department, Hillary stated, “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans. What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” Clearly to the Democrats and the Clintons it made no difference. After all, it wasn’t their family that was destroyed by her lack of judgment.

Yet through all this, the Democratic Party remained loyal to the Clinton’s out of a symbiotic need. But now we see that relationship ending, and like all celebrity marriages, this one is going to be a spectacle to witness. It should also serve as a cautionary tale to all of those out there who believe in loyalty to an ideology.

June 7, 2018: “Former US President Bill Clinton says even in light of the #MeToo movement, he would not have dealt with the Monica Lewinsky scandal any differently.” (Credit: Facebook/7 News Brisbane)

As the media and politicians continue to distance themselves from the Clintons, I have to ask: Are they planning on holding themselves accountable in any way for the way that they portrayed the affair twenty years ago?

There is a long list of apparent sexual transgressions from Bill Clinton. There is an equal number of women who state that Hillary made veiled threats against them should they go public. The media, at the time, had no interest in following up on these stories. Yet now this entire conversation has changed with reporters wanting to question Bill on how he could have abused his power in such a way. This complete turn without any acknowledgement disgusts me.

How about this…how about the press look at itself and how it reacted to the scandal two decades ago? They can revisit how they treated the women who were used and then discarded and then they can apologize to them. At the same time, the Democratic Party can do the same thing, given it’s support of the Clinton’s both during and after the affairs.

In either case, I for one would use this whole ordeal as a very important lesson. The truth is that loyalty placed in individuals is misplaced. Loyalty should be placed in one’s values. It is through those shared values that you find loyalty to others. It is this love of country and loyalty placed upon our oath that binds members of the military, both active and veterans. We do not have to have loyalty to each other directly, because it is through our shared love of country that we find that unifying bond.

Our government needs to remember the facts of this unity. They need to be reminded of their sacred oath to the US Constitution. In fact, I believe that if they were actually loyal to that oath, we would find a government united as it has never been.

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Matthew Wadler

Matthew Wadler is a U.S. Army veteran. Matt served in the Army for 20 years as both enlisted and officer before retiring. His service includes time as Military Police, Field Artillery, Adjutant General, and Recruiting. His deployments include Somalia and two tours to Afghanistan. His formal education includes a master’s degree in HR Management. He is a strong supporter of the constitution and advocate for the military and veteran communities. Follow Matthew on Twitter @MatthewWadler.

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