The Luck of the Draw

Dare I start this conversation with a way-too-appropriate-to-resist cliché? For cops, it’s all about the luck of the draw. (I know the saying pertains to drawing cards, but that’s what makes it a bad pun, right?) That’s what came to mind when I thought about the treatment of law enforcement officers who’ve been forced into a few officer-involved shootings (OIS) during their careers. Especially in short periods of time.

In a less serious but similar situation, my department’s civilian review cabal took a keen interest in officers who garnered more complaints than the average officer. With no critical thinking, this might automatically raise concerns, especially from the non-police population, and maybe it should. Sometimes, a high number of complaints can indicate a problem officer. But, most times, as soon as you find out the officer with high complaints works in one of the most crime-ridden, high-911-calling, dangerous areas of the city, then the higher complaint stats make sense. Again, if you’re thinking critically.