Schadenfreude: Seattle’s Tax on Jobs Comes to a Head, and it’s Priceless

Tucked up in the Great Pacific Northwest is a city that began its history known for its rugged loggers, intrepid fisherman, and enterprising pioneers. The people who established and then built a great city out of a soggy wilderness were fiercely independent, resourceful, and ingenious. Just consider Bill Boeing—his last name alone tells you what he accomplished.

Only about 65 years after white settlers founded a town they called Seattle, Boeing, who’d benefitted from the lucrative logging industry, founded the Boeing Airplane Company (his first workshop is still on Boeing property in Seattle).

Today, while a few Seattleites are still as resourceful and ingenious as Boeing—Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Paul Allen come to mind—fiercely independent, sadly, is no longer among the general character traits of Seattle’s populace. Seattle’s social justices have beaten that virtue out of its people.