George Soros to ‘Redouble’ his Political Party Funding Efforts

George Soros, the controversial billionaire with a track record of financially backing some of the most extreme left political movements all over the world, has stated that after setbacks to implementing his global vision for the United States following the rise of President Trump, he feels even more “engaged to confront.”

“Yes, I redouble my efforts,” said George Soros in an interview with the Washington Post.

Soros’ attempt to place his selected candidates into roles in California last week failed spectacularly. Formerly one of the major power players in shaping politics in the U.S. for the Democratic Party, his money first most-visibly failed on a massive scale in the 2016 presidential election; Soros spent at least $25 million in an unsuccessful bid to get Hillary Clinton and other “progressives” elected. As the mythical “blue wave” is becoming more and more unlikely in 2018, Soros’ failure in California is indicative of the left still not learning their lesson from President Trump.

“Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,” Soros admitted in an interview with the Washington Post when asked about not seeing Trump winning the election. He is right about that much.

Backlash against Soros and his money has been spreading across the globe, from his interference during the Brexit referendums, his role in the immigration crises threatening Europe as a whole, and interference in Russia as well. It is no surprise to see that Soros’ Open Society Foundations is spending $940 million every year in 100 countries; in the U.S. the Open Society Foundations is spending $150 million on organizations like Planned Parenthood.

“I’m proud of my enemies. When I look at the enemies I have all over the world, I must be doing something right.  Because of the people who are attacking me and who they are…I’m proud of it,” Soros exclaimed in the WaPo interview.

“Meet the sponsor of Antifa who turns out to have been a Nazi collaborator and has no regrets about it: George Soros.” (Credit: Facebook/Dinesh D’Souza)

In a sharp turn away from the public “progressive” message, Soros has said that he has no interest in seeing Senator Kirsten Gillibrand being one of the Democratic party’s 2020 presidential candidates, solely because she demanded Senator Al Franken resign after claims of sexual misconduct. Soros claimed he was upset because Franken, who admitted to improper conduct, was someone that he admired.

Soros said candidly: “It is so much easier to destroy trust than to build it up. And a lot of the techniques of influencing people’s opinions without them even knowing it, they do operate by destroying trust.”

Following the failure of his attempts to shape the California legal system, the writing should be on the wall for Soros.  Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, who defeated the challenger that Soros had backed, said that Sacramento was “under attack” from Soros, accusing Soros of waging a war against law enforcement. However, Soros says he is planning to spend at least $15 million in 2018 to help shape voter turnout in November, with hopes of salvaging the rapidly dissipating “Blue Wave” that Democrats had promised their base after being soundly defeated by President Trump and allies in 2016.

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Adam P

Adam is an Army Special Operations veteran, with over ten years of active duty service and multiple combat and training deployments to various locations throughout the world.

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