Three Police Officers’ ‘Checked’ Guns Stolen by TSA Baggage Handler

When police officers travel for vacations, they sometimes bring their work partners along. No, I’m not talking about Sal whose driving makes you crazy, whose police uniform is stretched to its fabric’s tensile limits, who always seems to have a coffee stain somewhere on the front of his shirt. No, not him. I’m talking about those police partners with names like Glock, Smith, Wesson, and Barretta.

The TSA provides rules and procedures for law enforcement officers to check their guns while traveling. Since the 9/11 attacks, passengers can no longer lock their luggage, so theft is not unusual. In fact, it’s not a surprise. There have been incidents where airline baggage handlers were investigated, arrested, and prosecuted for theft of passengers’ property. But surely a cop’s gun is secure and safe from theft, right? Not so much.