Mystery – Why are Human Feet Washing Ashore In the Pacific Northwest?

Other than putting bad guys in jail, there’s nothing cops like more than a good mystery. Wait…let me amend that: there’s nothing cops like more than solving a good mystery. Well, tells us about a good mystery investigators have been working on for more than ten years up in the Great Pacific Northwest, mostly in British Columbia, Canada, and to a lesser degree in Washington State. The mystery began in 2007 when dismembered human feet began washing up on the driftwood-cluttered shores.

According to,  a Canadian man named Mike Johns was walking his Rottweiler, Taz, along a beach some 70 miles southwest of Vancouver in December 2017. Among the bones of orcas, sea lions, and gray whales, tangled in kelp and tucked between the weathered gray dead falls and logs, Taz, who seemed to find one specific item particularly interesting, discovered a human foot and lower leg bone still within its owner’s boot. This was the 13th foot found.