We Wound Up with a Three-Tiered Criminal Justice System in America

Leftist political pundits, and some on the right, say the right should desist from chanting “Lock her up!” when referencing Hillary Clinton. They claim it is better for the nation if that behavior stops. I understand the argument, but I’m not so sure. It keeps our national focus on another critical matter, the politicization of federal law enforcement. Some folks see the chant as damaging American unity. Maybe it is. But what about certain classes of people not held accountable for possible crimes? How does that affect national unity?

There are dangers to national cohesion when there exists a lack of legal accountability for highly placed politicians and government officials. But it’s worse than that. It’s not only highly placed Americans getting away with their crimes. In fact, there is not a two-tiered but an emerging three-tiered justice system. A system where, if you are protected by the leftist political ideology, you skate. If you espouse a right-wing political ideology, you hang.