Counterpoint – No One Seems All that Upset About Cops Being Refused Service

While the Philadelphia Starbucks kerfuffle-turned-federal crime may continue to evolve, it still warrants a comment. But first, a disparity cries out for an explanation. Two guys, for whatever reason, get kicked out of a Pennsylvania restaurant and liberals are outraged. Two cops are assassinated in a Florida restaurant, and the left is silent. Yes, the same left that is, once again, piqued with fake outrage. And I’ll admit there are also some on the right condemning the customers without all the facts. Let’s take a breath and do some critical thinking about the incident.

From what I have gathered from news reports, the two men entered the restaurant, did not place an order, and took a table. When one or both asked to use the restroom, they were told that the restroom was for paying customers. They returned to the table. The manager came over and asked if she could get them anything: coffee or water. They said no and told her they had water bottles already. The manager said the tables were for paying customers. The men said they were waiting for a third person to join them.