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Mike Pompeo Says ‘Years of Soft Policy’ Enabled Russian Aggression

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According to a report by NBC News, CIA Director Mike Pompeo will reportedly say that he and President Donald Trump won’t “play games” at the negotiating table with North Korea, that he is open to revising the Iranian nuclear deal, while also defending the administration’s position on Russia. In prepared remarks released by the White House, Pompeo will reportedly say, “Russia continues to act aggressively, enabled by years of soft policy toward that aggression. That’s now over. The list of this administration’s actions to raise the cost for Vladimir Putin is long.” Pompeo will address in his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee how “demoralizing” it has felt for the diplomatic corps at the State Department with a slew of vacant positions, as well as address the criticism that he is too hawkish, which reportedly earned him the nickname ‘the Hawk.’

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