Local Sheriff Defies New York Governor, Enforces Law

Recently, I wrote about sanity leaving California with regard to its leftist leaders actively, even statutorily, obstructing ICE agents. Incidentally, along with any remaining sanity, many fed-up residents are also leaving the increasingly inhospitable state—well, inhospitable for American citizens and legal immigrants. To the contrary, I’m pleased to report that you can still find a little immigration sanity in New York. It comes in the form of sane Rensselaer County Sheriff Patrick Russo.

If you talk to the illegal immigration activists cited in a New York Times story, you’d swear they’d never looked up the definition for sheriff. Last I heard, sheriffs serve as a county’s top law enforcer. And what’s Sheriff Russo’s grand transgression? He is daring to cooperate with ICE to enforce federal immigration law by keeping criminal illegal aliens off the streets and out of this country. Remember when that was what we expected from our sheriffs?