Rookie San Francisco PD Officer Fired for Doing His Job

Not only is San Francisco a rogue city with regard to its failure to cooperate with ICE agents who are doing a job that is necessary to protect America’s people and its borders, but the city also seems openly hostile toward its police officers. How else can you explain the firing of a rookie police officer, on only his fourth day, still with a training officer, for doing his job? What does this say to other officers? Can you say de-policing?

My colleague, T.B. Lefever, recently wrote a column documenting this de-policing effect on officers, referencing the punishing of two Miramar Police Department SWAT officers who’d entered the Parkland, Florida high school to assist with finding and stopping the shooter. For their efforts, these highly-trained officers were suspended. Why? Because they didn’t let their dispatcher know they were going into the school.