At a Crossroads – Rule of Law to the Right, Two-Tiered Justice System to the Left

The moral and ethical authority of the FBI is critical to all other law enforcement in America. What happens if the greatest investigative agency on the planet loses its moral authority? The agency’s reputation is not irretrievable, but it is suffering and may for a long time, depending on whether it can return to the rule of law, equal justice, and regain Americans’ trust.

It’s a sincere compliment when someone says to a cop, “That’s good police work.” It feels good to conduct a proper investigation and have everything come together to turn over to prosecutors. This is true at all levels of law enforcement, from local, to state, to federal. Today, sadly, Americans are asking themselves if they can trust the FBI to conduct a fair investigation into criminal behavior if the people involved are highly placed—either favoring people like Hillary Clinton or targeting people like Donald Trump.