Is There an Undeclared War in the U.S.?

By Joe Boatwright; OpsLens:

Our country has been at the tipping point of a conflict between liberals and conservatives for over half a century. Those with a short-term view of history tend to think of recent elections —to include local and state— as the only divisive close presidential elections. The vote for president between Nixon and Kennedy was as close as any have been in recent years that have shown so much strife between conservatives and liberals. Had George Wallace not been shot in 1972, that presidential election might have had to be determined by Congress.

This country continues to deal with the same parameters that made the U.S. Civil War possible. Various states regularly threaten secession for both liberal and conservative reasons. The war in the “trenches” in our lifetime is the establishment of sanctuary cities, an attack on constitutional liberties, and simply liberal attempts in various ways to undermine our way of life.

This war obviously has not been declared; however, it is being fought by the left in a most insidious way. It is fought by parts of government intelligence agencies that are corrupt and ineffectual, by a liberal media that lies and distorts while acting as a surrogate liberal propaganda machine, by Hollywood with a host of actors that act as spokespersons for the left, and by our education system that fights against free speech from those with a conservative viewpoint while often not allowing conservative viewpoints on campus and acting as an indoctrination apparatus mechanism to influence millennials to a liberal viewpoint. These are just a few of the examples.

Sean Hannity of Fox News asked Lou Dobbs what some of the greatest threats to the U.S. currently are. His answer was the same as what most educated rational minds would have said: Of all the threats to the U.S., the greatest one, without a doubt, comes from the left!

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The left, along with its sympathizers —which includes right wing RINOs and do-nothing Republicans— is determined to support those things that can destroy our country and change our American way of life, as they have always tried to do. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seem to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag.”

However, the left doesn’t use violence or bullets in its fight except maybe in the case of police assassinations, isolated hate crimes, or attacks on non-violent conservative gatherings. Instead the left uses votes which may or may not be legal, hateful propaganda by Hollywood, the mainstream media that is supposed to be independent, and left-wing demagogues in the government and, most dangerously, our own intelligence agencies. While not proven yet, it is fairly clear that the FBI and DOJ may have committed crimes against the right, and certainly they have done things not in the legal performance and mandates of their jobs.

[Credit: Facebook/Republicans VS Democrats (fight room)]
Recently, over 700,000 Florida signatures were gathered to place a referendum on the ballot in November to allow convicted felons to be able to vote. Liberal groups estimate that this would allow about 1.5 ex-felons to vote if approved. Of course, there is already a process in place to review these convicted felons who wish to have their rights returned. This process takes into account many serious factors, to include a high recidivism rate, before restoring those rights.

Part of liberal groups’ argument is that the process is too slow. Why wouldn’t you want to take the appropriate time to review a convicted felon’s past, the same way you review parolees (who also have a high recidivism rate), before letting them out in the society they have perpetrated felonious crimes against?

The complementary argument by liberals at the federal level is to allow illegal aliens in this country unchecked, again bypassing a system that would ensure possibly diseased, violent criminals or terrorists to enter the U.S. to harm our children, families, businesses, health, or infrastructure. One of the questionable rationales for their argument is that by preventing these unskilled workers from entering the country, we won’t be able to have a supply of fruit pickers and dishwashers. How important are former criminals or illegal aliens that we would allow either group to vote or live in our society without knowing their intentions, or leave a process in place to verify them, just in order to have uneducated, low-skilled workers?

Leftist groups want to let illegal aliens in without vetting and want former felons to be given voting rights without being checked. These are sure votes for Democrats: convicted felons and illegal aliens! That certainly is a call to arms.

If you want to put people in our society to harm us, then let’s take the next step the left is proposing and eliminate or diminish the 2nd Amendment so that we have less chance to defend ourselves.

[Credit: Facebook/Republicans VS Democrats (fight room)]
This war is undeclared, but not unseen, and we still need to defend ourselves with or without guns. Skirmishes are fought continually in elections; local, state and federal, in all types of positions. The left continues to be fraudulent, disrespectful, and immoral in the pursuit of their agenda. Recently, the attorney general of NY admitted that his office, with the help of a citizen, committed fraud that abused the rights of pro-life citizens and asserted by inference that the ends justify the means. The media, Hollywood, schools, and many in the government —to include law enforcement (in the broad sense) and parts of intelligence agencies— believe the same thing. This entire structure of a leftist agenda is pounded into the American public by a mainstream media that continues to either lie or press their agenda.

We recently saw the failures by the FBI and DOJ, and a sheriff’s department in Broward County. Each level failed to do their jobs while committing egregious errors. They would not admit the mistakes that cost innocent lives. Instead, on national TV they blamed the tragedy on the NRA and gun owners who had nothing to do with it. Of course, this fits the mainstream media’s leftist agenda. Which leaves good Americans with the responsibility to fight against this leftist “machine,” no matter the level. As Edmund Burke said more than 100 years ago, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”

Sides continue to be drawn. The recent decision by Delta to no longer give NRA discounts shows one side. And the resulting decision by the attorney general of the State of Georgia to no longer give the airlines tax breaks on their fuel, shows the other. He said that there has to be pushback even against the biggest company in Georgia!

In addition, many people who are not members of the NRA or even conservatives are coming out to join the NRA. This bigoted stance by some liberal leaning companies may not hurt them economically, but it certainly may be another galvanizing force to help Republicans in the mid-term elections. Liberals may own the media and Hollywood in their attacks against conservatism, but no matter which side you are on, the issues are clear.

Who knows when or if another Civil War will ever take place, but did anyone ever predict the wars that have taken place, anywhere? This war has been ongoing for quite some time; we had a big battle in 2016, and another will occur in 2018. You may not agree on the issues presented here, but the issues that helped create this undeclared war are quite obvious.

Joe Boatwright is an OpsLens Contributor and a retired Military Intelligence officer with experience as a senior analyst throughout the intelligence community, to include the CIA, DIA, the State Department, National Counterterrorism Center, Defense Threat Reduction Agency and National Reconnaissance Office.

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