Texas Police Chief Fires Sergeant for Doing His Job

Here’s yet another story about a cop who lost his job due to a police chief’s apparent poor decision. Whenever this happens, the firing is a crime in and of itself. But the additional crime is that the community also suffers because the chief of police has robbed his community of a police sergeant due to political correctness. And he’s done it at a time when hiring is becoming increasingly difficult for law enforcement agencies.

Cops are only prudent to expect problems when city elites hire police chiefs who are so far removed from the streets they can no longer think like real cops. I’m not talking about removed in only a physical sense but in a psychological and emotional sense. Either they truly cannot recall what it’s like to be a police officer, or their statuses as mayoral appointees won’t allow them to remember what it was like to work the streets as cops.

Consider the recent case of Fort Worth P.D. Sergeant Kenneth Pierce. Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald fired Sgt. Pierce, stemming from an incident where he instructed an officer to tase a suspect who was resisting arrest. After watching the video of the incident that the chief said he’d based his decision on, any cop would find his comments disturbing. The comments seemed so earnest, so final, so utterly righteous, but also so grievously wrong.