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The Horror! The Horror! Washington State Department of Licensing Assisting ICE

Stand by for yet another report from Bizarro World. You know, that fictional world DC Comics created where everything is opposite or backward: Earth is Htrae, the globe is a cube, and their motto is “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness!

Did I say “fictional”?

A recent news report thrust me deeper into this warped—no longer fiction—leftist reality. While crossing my living room on Thursday, I stopped in my tracks when heard a news item reported on TV as if the broadcaster had just uncovered government corruption at the highest levels—even worse than Russian collusion. This emergency sounded so grave, I assumed the governor had activated a state of emergency in response to the catastrophe.

What disaster had struck? First, please, advise sensitive people (cupcakes, snowflakes, etc.) they may want to leave the room for the next few moments.


According to The Seattle Times, Washington state’s Department of Licensing has “been giving residents’ personal information to federal immigration-enforcement officers—information used to arrest and deport people in keeping with the president’s policies.” As renegade army Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) said in the great movie Apocalypse Now, “The horror! The horror!”

I worked many times with federal agents throughout my career. Sometimes we aided them and other times they assisted us.

Yes, media is reporting that this state agency has been providing ICE with identification information on some driver’s license applicants in accordance with federal law (Washington allows illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses). Incidentally, this policy helping illegal residents is why Washington state’s legal residents must obtain new “enhanced” licenses (at a greater cost) if they wish to travel on a commercial airline even on domestic flights.

I worked many times with federal agents throughout my career. Sometimes we aided them and other times they assisted us. This picking and choosing of when local police may assist certain federal agencies for political expediency is disgusting.

What happens when some ICE agents conducting an operation (who would normally have requested and received assistance from local patrol officers) are met with violent resistance from illegal aliens not interested in being deported? Maybe MS-13 or other gang members. How will local officials react when federal agents are injured or killed because a city’s leaders specifically prohibited their local brother and sister law enforcers from assisting them—for purely political reasons?

One of the last calls of my career was to assist US marshals attempting to locate a fugitive pedophile. (Is that still okay, Democrats?) The FBI responded to bank robbery investigations I’d started, I’ve assisted the ATF and DEA occasionally and them us, and I worked a counterfeiting case with the US Secret Service. (Again, are those okay, Democrats?) But I’m supposed to turn off my sense of duty to my brother and sister federal Border Patrol and ICE officials because my state’s political leaders don’t like a particular federal law or policy?

This makes zero sense.

Oh, wait. I almost forgot. We’re in Bizarro World where zero sense equals perfect sense.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who I’m sure is perfectly at home in Bizarro World, reportedly “didn’t understand the extent of the [DOL] cooperation [with the federal government].” Nevertheless, knee in full jerk, Inslee’s spokeswoman, Jaime Smith, said the governor has “asked them [DOL] to stop what they’re doing”—whatever it is because it sounds like we’re doing the right thing, which, again, in Bizarro World is… well, you know.

Perhaps the head of the DOL should take a page out of the governor’s playbook and resist [the governor’s executive order—royal edict] and continue to assist the feds in protecting all Americans. I don’t know the politics of the person who heads up the state DOL. Who knows, maybe politics don’t matter to him or her. Perhaps he or she is just following the law as it exists. Okay, now that is radical. Or, what’s more likely in this state, they assisted the feds accidentally.

Not to be outdone, Inslee’s equally flustered fellow Democrat, the activist state attorney general Bob Ferguson, “also demanded privacy for undocumented immigrants… by suing Motel 6…” for its alleged role in assisting ICE in attempting to locate people who snuck into America. Otherwise known as doing their job.

Yes, welcome to Bizarro World, where US Border Patrol or ICE agents doing their jobs, to leftist politicians, is the exact opposite.

Steve Pomper

Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer, and the author of four non-fiction books, including Is There a Problem, Officer? and the upcoming De-Policing: A Street Cop’s View of the Anti-Police State. He served as a field-training officer, on the East Precinct Community Police Team, and as a precinct mountain bike coordinator. He has a BA in English Language and Literature. He enjoys riding his Harley and hiking and cycling with his wife who is also an English major as well as a retired firefighter.

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