‘Sh*tholeGate’ Has the Mainstream Media in Hysterics

“A private conversation is meant to be private and Haiti ain’t exactly Mar a Lago.”

It’s no secret that ‘pols’ strategically feed big scoops to the media so they break at the most opportune times.  That’s when I question what’s really going on and what that mammoth story out there might be distracting me from seeing.  Twitter’s been exposed once and for all as the Orwellian monstrosity conservatives always knew it was, but we’re not talking about that are we? No, the public gets ShitholeGate instead.

In addition to the Twitter bombshell, headlines were showing that a DACA deal was imminent only hours before two anonymous sources began bashing Trump in a “grab ‘em” style controversy minus the audio evidence.  To me, it became clear that DACA fell through and the spin machine was all hands on deck to make sure it would be Trump taking the hit.

So here we are.  As a news junkie with an awkward sense of humor – it’s hard not to run wild with fart jokes while addressing ShitholeGate, but I’m going to give it a try.

From the bowels of Washington DC to the very guts of the elite media aristocracy, President Trump once again sent his biggest detractors into unbridled histrionics that would make a toddler blowing out their diaper for attention appear mature.  The latest triggering occurred when Trump was alleged to have made a comparison between Haiti and the place where the staff over at CNN’s digested $80.00 per plate steak tartare comes out of.  That’s right, the elites are now accusing Trump of calling one of the worst places on earth a “shithole” during a closed-door, bi-partisan DACA negotiation in DC.  In other news, the sun sets in the west and green apples are way better than those red ones.

From his campaigning days up to now, the Trump formula of “shit posting” his way into total domination of the news cycle whenever it suits him has remained as consistent as The Cleveland Browns likeness to a pile of stink on the ground both on and off the football field.  You guys should know this by now, but it goes like this: Set fire to a politically correct dogma with a brash tweet, sit back as the puritanical mainstream media goes into full-on attack mode like the Church of Scientology against one of its former-members, then laugh as the base rallies and those on the fence whisper “he’s kind of got a point there” when there’s no one around to shame them for it. Here’s what’s funny about ShitholeGate, though.  The opposition did the president’s work for him on this one – no tweet necessary.

I’d recommend any celebrity who promised to leave the country if Trump was elected to finally make good on that threat and go gentrify Haiti – or does the place remind you too much of a port-o-potty?

While I look forward to more Trump puppet shows extending into 2020 and beyond – if even just to watch CNN lackeys dangle from strings – we’re also going to be seeing plenty more of these desperate attempts to vilify the man and his supporters as racists, white supremacists, Uncle Toms, and Ugly Americans.  For every landmine set, it’s important to remember a few things.

Number One: There is nothing immoral about American citizens advocating for their own best interests.  If you’ve ever said, “Thank god, I was born in the USA”, “My heart goes out to the kids in Haiti, Somalia, and Sudan who don’t know where their next meal will come from”, or “We need to recognize our white privilege and let everyone in” – well, you’re just saying in a nicer way that those countries are a turd in a hole, and yours is not.

The virtue signaler’s dilemma is not knowing whether to press the button that says, “That country isn’t a shithole” or to press the one that says, “Illegal aliens can’t go home because their country is a shithole”.  Something doesn’t add up to the world view they want to have.

Of course, if you’re saying, “America was never great”, then you’re taking a hell of a lot for granted and it makes sense that you wouldn’t possess an instinct to preserve the way of life that’s been afforded to you in the first place. I’d recommend any celebrity who promised to leave the country if Trump was elected to finally make good on that threat and go gentrify Haiti – or does the place remind you too much of a port-o-potty? Hypocrites.

While it’s hard to blame illegals for doing it, how can our homeless veterans occupying skid row not blame those who facilitate it?

We as Americans do have one thing in common.  We all feel terrible for people born in war ravaged, anarchical, disease-ridden, education allergic hellholes – but why can’t we do something for these poor souls without bringing them to live here in droves? Whether an illegal alien or refugee that stays and collects public welfare for two decades does so with malice in their heart or not, the fact is that they are taking more out of our country than they are contributing.  It’s a drowning man situation where Americans are getting pulled under in our own country so foreigners can keep their heads above water. While it’s hard to blame illegals for doing it, how can our homeless veterans occupying skid row not blame those who facilitate it?

Better yet, is it moral for a powerhouse like the US to strip a country with a 61% literacy rate in Haiti of its smartest and most capable citizens in the first place?  That practice certainly appears to be the rich robbing the poor in and of itself.  Nations under temporary protected status like Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sierra Leone, and El Salvador will never get turned around if their best and brightest citizens say, “the hell with it” and leave. That much seems obvious.

A private conversation is meant to be private and Haiti ain’t exactly Mar a Lago.

Number Two: The MAGA movement likes to point out that the continued attacks are further evidence of the mainstream media and Washington swamp still not comprehending their new reality – a reality where this “rough around the edges” feature of the Trump product is what voting Americans willingly bought in 2016 and are looking forward to buying again in 2020.  The elites are behaving like crazed ex-boyfriends who won’t let go even after their former girlfriend is actively dating a new man.  Don’t make Americans be mean about it.  It’s over.  There will be other fish in the sea if you get your act together.

Number Three: It’s important to note the parasitic relationship taking place from an economic standpoint.  There’s a simple fact that The New York Times and CNN will only admit while getting undressed by Project Veritas, and it is that Trump-bashing is great for their readership and ratings.  Nothing is better for CNN’s stockholders than a Trump controversy where the three stooges – Lemon, Tapper, and Cooper – get to use the word “shithole” 36 times on-air in a single night.  Comically, the spin-doctors then blame Trump for “teaching kids bad words” even though their accusation was that he did so during a private meeting among adults while they’re behaving like deranged “shithole!” squawking parrots on national TV.

Number Four: It’s rare that Trump accusations ever shed their “anonymous source” status, but this one has proven different with Democrat Senator Dick Durbin and Republican Lindsey Graham eventually going on record.  Of course, the President has since publicly denied his utterance of the naughty word to describe Haiti and he’s even threatening to begin recording all dialogues that take place behind closed doors to prevent these “fabrications” from taking place in the future.

Still, the president has not denied making harsh criticisms of Haitian mass migration to the US, nor has he denied questioning others in attendance on why the US doesn’t take more immigrants from successful nations like Norway.  While his enemies are calling him a liar and a white supremacist, many of his supporters and surrogates are delivering talking points that paint him as a victim of libel.  I’ll do neither. I think President Trump did say it, and like virtually every other person with eyeballs, I think he was correct in his assertion. A private conversation is meant to be private and Haiti ain’t exactly Mar a Lago.

The first sight I saw in the Dominican Republic as I touched down was a massive tin roof shanty town. You walk around Santo Domingo and kids flock to you shouting for money like a beehive just burst over your head. Police tell you to stay quarantined in your resort or to have a local guide with you for your own safety. Still, you’re told by everyone everywhere in the DR not to go west into Haiti. There seems to be this strange belief amongst Dominicans that Haiti just might be a shithole. Are we to begin calling Dominicans white supremacists as well? – because they’re looking at us right now and saying, “I don’t know, America. I think you might be out of his league”.

Holding hands and singing at the hippy retreat sounds wonderful in theory but it’s unrealistic to look at unfettered immigration with rose colored glasses or to politicize white supremacy when it’s a commonly held belief from non-white populations all around the world that Haiti is one of the worst places there is.  The nation’s political leadership is in a constant state of flux and the revolving door of “reformers” won’t do right by their own people.  Meanwhile, the population has a long track record of just putting up with it – ask the Clinton Foundation.  It’s no wonder the Washington Swamp cozies up to the idea of bringing them in by the boatload. They’re seen as marks who can be easily manipulated for votes.

Let’s face it.  In 2018, America’s got its own shitholes to deal with.  More black Americans die in the streets of Chicago than American soldiers at war in the middle-east.  The drinking water in Flint gave Haiti’s reserves a run for their money for years and was finally restored to “acceptable” only yesterday.  Life expectancy rates in the US continue to drop as our communities fall like dominoes behind the heroine epidemic.  It’s time we get our priorities straight.

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T.B. Lefever

T.B. Lefever is an active police officer in the Metro-Atlanta area. Throughout his career, Lefever has served as a SWAT Hostage Negotiator, a member of the Crime Suppression Unit, a School Resource Officer, and a Uniformed Patrol Officer. T.B. is also a certified Field Training Officer. He has a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Rutgers University. Follow T.B. on Twitter @tblefever.

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