Thought Crimes 3 – Private Wedding Cake Maker Forced to Undergo Sensitivity Training By Government

The US Supreme Court is currently deciding on a case out of Colorado that could be viewed as a form of thought crime. After all, if the government punishes people for practicing their religious beliefs or for how their conscience directs them morally and ethically, isn’t the government punishing people for the way they think? We’ve previously discussed two forms of thought crimes—hate speech and hate crimes. Now, let’s talk about another kind of thought crime: conscience crimes.

A lack of objectivity and critical thinking seems to be slathered all over the discussion about a Colorado Christian baker supposedly refusing to sell a wedding cake to an engaged gay couple. As usual, much of the blame for the public’s ignorance goes to the political left.

The left uses its penchant for conflation to draw parallels between this issue and historical civil rights events that are in no way related. They are also using conflation by associating the selling of a product with being forced to participate in, thereby tacitly endorsing, an event.