Democratic Candidate Doug Jones Backed By Millions From Establishment Super-PAC

I’ll be forthright. I hope Doug Jones wins the Alabama Senate race. I find Roy Moore, for lack of a better word, deplorable. The sexual abuse allegations are serious even if not yet proven. His record on other social issues (i.e. LGBT rights) stands counter to my own as well. However, that doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye to Democrat Doug Jones.

The people of Alabama have been embarrassed by corruption and a string of ethics investigations and convictions of people they placed into positions of power and trust.- Doug Jones

Doug Jones has distanced himself from Washington. It’s hard to blame him for doing so. Many politicians on both sides of the aisle have gone far out of their way to distance themselves from the establishment. President Trump’s victory could itself be seen as a rebuke of the system. While the American people stand divided on a great number of issues, many would probably agree with “draining the swamp.”

This race is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about the people of Alabama – giving them honest answers while working to protect their health care, rights and economic interests.- Doug Jones

Perhaps Doug Jones wants to drain the swamp as well. However, if Doug Jones gets to Washington, it will be with the aid of millions of dollars from establishment-linked Superpacs. Two Democrat establishment organizations, Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action, have been supporting Jones through a joint-PAC called “Highway 31”. Alabama Democrats and others have also been funding Highway 31.

So far, the super PAC has raised and spent roughly $4.1 million. The Senate Majority PAC is perhaps the PAC most closely tied to the Democratic Establishment in the Senate. With Republicans holding onto a slim 52 seat majority in Washington, the stakes are immensely high for Senate races. Expect this PAC to be one of the busiest in 2018.

Doug Jones priorities page starts with the promise to bring integrity back to Washington D.C. It’s hard to disagree with that, but it’s hard to believe it as well. Politicians have been promising to bring integrity back and to “drain the swamp” for decades. Yet nothing ever seems to change.

Politicians will have to excuse us voters if we don’t buy the same old song and dance yet again. Jones’ heart may well be in the right place. However, with Super PACs already spending millions to support him, could Jones already arrive beholden to the monied powers that be?

2018 Senate Race Will Be Huge

If Democrats can secure a majority in either the House or Senate in 2018, the GOP agenda will ground to a halt. Already, the current Congress is historically one of the least productive in history. Despite promising quick deals and signature legislation, the Trump administration has largely failed to produce results.

If the Senate is wrested away from the Republican Party, President Trump’s legislative ambitions may be dead in the water. Drumming up support among the fractious Republican Party has proven to be immensely difficult. Democrats will be even less inclined to play ball.

This could spell further trouble for Trump come 2020, should he decide to run for office for a second term. As of 12/10/17, Trump’s disapproval rating hit 60% while his approval rating weighed in at just 35%. The highest approval numbers for Trump was 46% disapproving to 45% approving, back when his term first started.

Most troublesome for the President, his approval among key constituent groups has been slipping. For example, in February Trump enjoyed the support of 78% of white evangelicals. That support has since dropped to 61%. Among Republicans, it has dropped from 84% to 76%.

If Trump finds himself struggling even more to push legislation, his approval ratings and poll numbers could slip even further.

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Brian Brinker

Brian Brinker is a political consultant and has an M.A in Global Affairs from American University.

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