Forensics and the DNC: Unveiling Deep State Plots

If you didn’t know where Charlottesville was, you do now. What (or who) is the real impetus behind the downing of Robert E. Lee and the clashing among furious factions? Is the nested egg cracking? More encompassing, is the eight-year bubble bursting?

Sometimes we must take steps backward and re-examine some ill-fitting pieces in order to gain forward momentum to build formidable things.

A U.S. District Court judge agreed with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filing by Judicial Watch, ordering a renewed search of the State Department databases involving Hillary Clinton emails related to the scandal. Are FBI authorities about to potentially delve deeper into ill-considered DNC databases? That is my hope.

As recently reported in The Nation, it is believed Russia had nothing to do with American election hacking and that that concocted fable has everything to do with Democratic National Committee exploits. Reportedly, the DNC orchestrated an illustrious “inside job” to make it appear the Russian government had its paws on election levers.

Judicial Watch has been steadily successful at acquiring records via FOIA requests, but redactions are the chronic norm hindering substantive conclusions. Legally-issued court orders to forensically examine database guts will get right to the heart of the matter. Databases are a redaction-less commodity, and certain gurus adept at computer programming forensics can see when/if Hillary and company colored outside the lines.

If “Data scientist” is being billed as the “sexiest job in the 21st Century” and the passionately savvy nature of some techno-hacks can be found in law enforcement entities, rooting-out saboteurs and provocateurs are within grasp, again.

Now that we have a drain the swamp-enthused commander-in-chief, let’s get to it!

In July 2017, Lifezette reported that President Trump beckoned reopening the formerly-closed investigation of Hillary Clinton by then-FBI chief James Comey. Siphoning the muck engenders forensic finesse to sift and bucket all the sludge.

The Nation’s report hinges on former National Security Agency (NSA) officials alleging the NSA and related intelligence entities veiled the fact that they did not have any evidence of Russia-related hacking, claiming such non-disclosure under the guise of maintaining highly confidential information detrimental to the US if it were exposed.

In response to that, William Binney, former NSA technical director for military and world geopolitical analysis told The Nation,”Everything that they say must remain classified is already well-known. They’re playing the Wizard of Oz game.”

Usual Suspects?

With their power-base weakened, liberals foist all they can upon the shoulders of conservatives. Some heavy hitters metaphorically slot quarters in the Democratic machine, keeping it ricocheting like a tireless pinball game. Take Google, for example. As Kyle Reyes, CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing emphatically put it in his New Boston Post article:”There have been countless allegations that Google stacks the deck against conservatives – including elections. Of course proving it would be incredibly difficult, because – well – it’s Google.”

Mr. Reyes’s nail-on-the-head comments echo what many are postulating: “Liberals believe in freedom of speech…as long as they agree with it. If they don’t? They’ll do everything in their power to shut it down.” With varying contextual applications, Reyes concludes “But good luck reading about it on Google.”

And that is an ember among fiery activities supported by billions of dollars from external sources: financier George Soros et al. As Lisa Lal opined about the Charlottesville incident via Facebook, “This is not about black and white. This is about destroying Trump by Soros thugs!”

Enter Jason Kessler, more profoundly known as the organizer behind the Charlottesville debacle. His role is suspect too. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.”

Rightwing News purports Jason Kessler “took $1,320 as a consulting fee from a Democratic candidate running for the Senate in 2012. He’s pro-abortion, an environmentalist, a non-interventionist, pro-equality and an atheist, among other things.” Sounds like quite a burdened hat rack (soul).

External players may be difficult to get to, yet there is always a paper trail leading back to the campsite of collusion. Also, there are allegiances which often erode, providing the necessary nuggets for law enforcers to investigate and file probable cause affidavits from which prosecutors solicit indictments. The internal figures —Wasserman Schultz, Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Obama, Rice et al— ought to be gimmes. So far, however, they seem to be elusive…or at least permitted to blow their own bubbles. But I think the air is thinning.

If the FBI implores its techno-genius forensic experts to dissect hard-drives and unearth useable trace elements/evidentiary material for robust prosecutions, what are we waiting for? The hands are available, and the suspects are within reach. Speaking of the FBI, can you say Comey notes…the handwritten ones no one knew about?

Any other political gadflies you can think of?

Hillary Rodham Clinton

As mentioned, a US District Court judge ordered a renewed search of State Department computers, particularly those belonging to aides of then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. In essence, Judicial Watch sought access to all contents on DNC-owned computers belonging to Mrs. Clinton’s “closest advisers” while at State. The specified material is anything pertinent to Benghazi, Libya —where the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal began— and the conflagration that culminated in four Americans casketed from one seemingly preventable episode.

The hands of Hillary stretch far. Dick Morris bellowed it is beyond time to “deep six the Deep State” during his announcement when the Department of Justice had, in fact, reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The heat is back on or, as Morris says, “she is back on the griddle.” Mr. Morris also purports that Hillary was offered a plea deal in July and that she, via her attorney, obscenely pushed back against the notion from Justice.

Allen West recently said of groups associated with the Charlottesville event, “…we need to stop the cherrypicking, as they all should be investigated. Let’s end this absurdity of trying to connect the Republican Party with the Ku Klux Klan, since it was a creation of the Democrat Party. And I seem to recall Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, infamously known as a grand wizard of the Klan, lauded over at his memorial by Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton. It was Senator Byrd who was vehemently against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but it was Republican Senator Everett Dirksen who supported its passage.” Barack, Bill and Hillary. Who hasn’t heard or read that exact set of names in the context of some dubious stuff and hypocritical positioning?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Named in yet another lawsuit, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D – Florida) is perhaps indelibly remembered for her complicit role in undermining the presidential campaign of then-candidate Bernie Sanders. Sen. Sanders supporters filed the suit, claiming the DNC “committed fraud when it favored Clinton over Sanders in the primaries,” as reported by The Free Thought Project, citing “election rigging” by DNC hands. Who presided over all that? Then-DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In an audio/video-recorded budget meeting in July 2017, Wasserman Schultz unambiguously threatened the US Capitol Police chief by insinuating her intent to withhold federal dollars earmarked for his agency. Why? Capitol cops found a laptop concealed in a government building stairwell crevasse, believed to be tied to an ongoing investigation of her IT staffer Imran Awan.

In a sensational case of Awan-a run with the loot and secrets, Imran tried to flee the country after bank-wiring $283,000 to Pakistan. Coinciding with federal agents searching his property and discovering smashed hard-drives, law enforcement high-geared it and arrested Awan before he boarded for abroad. One can only imagine what is on the smashed hard-drives and the laptop in US Capitol police evidence lockers. The fly-on-the-wall analogy applies here.

Swirls of smoke surround Mr. Awan with suspicions he had something to do with Seth Rich’s murder. As with any homicide, law enforcement investigates it like an octopus navigates the depths: there are a handful of sticky directions with which to proceed in order to gain substantive evidence leading to suspect(s) and eventual prosecution.

I hope a Homeland Security-based computer forensics team with the US Capitol police has a field trip dissecting the computer Wasserman Schultz so desperately wants back. Despite her self-importance, that is not going to happen anytime soon, especially if police forensic analysts discover Democratic dirt or anyone affiliated with throwing sand in the eyes of national security.

That dirt is still under her fingernails. A quasi admission of conspiratorial proportions was Wasserman Schultz’s resignation from the DNC chair position after her mitts were caught in the cookie jar, the one not even on display but behind the Deep State curtains.

Inexplicably, that embarrassment did nothing more than reward her with a new throne under the reign of Hillary Clinton. An abrupt transition transpired at the coattails of resigning from the DNC chair position and into the open arms of Hillary Clinton and her then-presidential campaign. As Hillary said, “I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of our country.” The seeming message there is nefarious players sticking together.

Undermining a presidential political opponent? Her name is all over that one. Rather, their names are recorded on it.

It’s fairly obvious to say she left the pen at the crime scene. In fact, she still stands/sits at the crime scene, taunting investigators.

Pertaining to the Awan arrest, a YouTube commentator strikes a taut chord by saying, ”Wasserman’s BROTHER is the acting prosecutor AND Hillary CLINTON’S high powered ATTORNEYS are representing him. Do you think we’ll find justice? I think the only thing we’ll find is that he gets off & the evidence conveniently goes missing so that it can’t be used to prosecute other crimes.” A report in Liberty Unyielding titled their piece “How lucky can you get! Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother will be handling the Awan case.” I bet other arrestees wish they had such an “In.” The continued twists and turns are startling.


I especially gravitated to a DC Clothesline title I came across today: “Suicided? Despite No Gun, Police Say Lawyer Connected to DNC Fraud Suit Shot Himself”

That is a ditty to wrap an intrigued brain around. I have. The article spells-out how federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant washed up on the shores of a Hollywood, Florida beach on May 24, 2017. Per lawyers involved in the DNC election rigging suit, Mr. Whisenant made allusive statements regarding fearing for his life. Jared Beck, who is a proponent lawyer filing suit against the DNC, claims Whisenant “feared for his life due to the suspicious nature of all the deaths surrounding those working on exposing the DNC fraud.”

Playing devil’s advocate or not, as a career-policeman, the absence of a firearm neither proves nor disproves Whisenant’s death was at his own hands. In the environmental context in which his body was found —coastal, washed ashore, dressed contrary to beach attire, daybreak discovery of his corpse— perhaps a more insidious culmination entails one or more persons tailoring the scene to appear like a suicide, including leaving potentially unanswerable questions pertaining to the physical weapon used leading to his demise. Police indicate they searched for the gun spanning two blocks away from where his body was found on the beach. As I said earlier: “throwing sand in the eyes of national security.”

Nevertheless, these mind-bending episodes always cycle back to unfound evidence –notes, conversations, behavioral actions logically leading to defining a person who is in fear of some great threat(s). And that is why the criminal justice system heavily relies on forensic investigators. Forensic Files is a vast reality-based depiction of success in this techno-field.

Curious Tale

US attorney Whisenant’s body was found in the congressional district represented by none other than Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That’s a major irony. Jack Burns wrote, “The fact no firearm was found will surely be fodder for conspiracy theorists who already believe Mr. Whisenant may have known too much and was assassinated for political reasons.” That is my thinking also. Police reports do not indicate metal-detecting the sandy beach around Whisenant’s body, highlighted only by searching “two blocks away.”

Is there a strange pathology among President Trump opponents? Of course. It seems rhetorical in nature. Is it possible evidence far beyond what we already suspect is in the midst of perpetrators and investigators alike? Unequivocally. Seasoned or not, any lawyer —especially a US attorney— is going to keep empirical notes and perhaps even duplicate case findings. Even if scrawlings exist somewhere, law enforcement agencies employ studious handwriting experts to decipher and authenticate written records, once found. That forensic art is ill-reported but does exist, and the courts have been accepting of the science regarding admissibility.

National Security Council

Per Foreign Policy’s report regarding an NSC-authored memorandum accounting the myriad oppositionists President Trump contends with, even predating his 2016 presidential election: “The Democratic leadership has been a counter-state enabler that executes, sustains, and protects cultural Marxist programs of action and facilitates the relentless expansion of the deep state.” Charlottesville? Did he say “executes”?

The Foreign Policy article glaringly implies leakers and Obama holdovers are still in the White House shadows. Until these vagaries are settled and absolute allegiance is welded in place, any forensic advancement is held at-bay. Nevertheless, a cadre of diligent diggers remains in the wing.

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) is a non-governmental forensic sleuthing entity made up of former security and intelligence analysts. VIPS members are carefully assessing the pieces surrounding “Russiagate” and the allusions it purports, naturally waiting for more material.

Bloomberg News columnist Leonid Bershidsky sides with mounting counter-theories to Russian hacking claims, saying “Unlike the ‘current and former intelligence officials’ anonymously quoted in stories about the Trump-Russia scandal, VIPS members actually have names. But their findings and doubts are only being aired by non-mainstream publications that are easy to accuse of being channels for Russian disinformation.” Recurring theme?

At countless times and from varying sources have we heard the phrase “there’s nothing there,” indicating the Trump-Russian collusion claims. The “nothingburger” recitations include Russian hacking assertions. The Left’s just not in a confessional mood, yet.

An in-depth article written by Patrick Lawrence on August 9, 2017 contained the following profundity: Forensic investigators, intelligence analysts, system designers, program architects, and computer scientists of long experience and strongly credentialed are now producing evidence disproving the official version of key events last year. Their work is intricate and continues at a kinetic pace as we speak. But its certain results so far are two, simply stated, and freighted with implications.”

“Inside Job”

The two implications to which Patrick Lawrence alludes are that “There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5 last year—not by the Russians, not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak—a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data-storage device. In short, it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the initial ‘hack,’ as alleged, that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.”

His second assertion is that “Forensic investigations of documents made public two weeks prior to the July 5 leak by the person or entity known as Guccifer 2.0 show that they were fraudulent: Before Guccifer posted them they were adulterated by cutting and pasting them into a blank template that had Russian as its default language. Guccifer took responsibility on June 15 for an intrusion the DNC reported on June 14 and professed to be a WikiLeaks source—claims essential to the official narrative implicating Russia in what was soon cast as an extensive hacking operation. To put the point simply, forensic science now devastates this [Russian hacking and ‘Russiagate’] narrative.”

Someone who was inside and had access to congressional databases and possessed the technical prowess to drive such a sham was Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s guy on the Hill, Imran Awan.

Like me, countless individuals are sick and tired of watching Hillary skate away. Like me, I suspect many others are willing to see how time allows for the most damaging evidence to surface in order for Justice to congeal everything material whereby a supposed plea bargain is nothing but a peanut in the grand-scale context of what has been festering.

I’m not necessarily a techie, but I respect forensic finesse nosing through nodes to get to the mother-loads of DNC dirt. The FBI is world-renowned for its cyber crime investigators. FBI folks also dig into public corruption by way of “investigating violations of federal law by public officials at the federal, state, and local levels of government.”

Speaking of nosing around, former NSA officials posit a different side to the DNC hack. As The Nation subtitled, “Former NSA experts say it wasn’t a hack at all, but a leak – and inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system.” Are you thinking what I am thinking? Smells like Imran Awan? Also smells like Wasserman Schultz’s fear.

Since we’re jabbing the active hive of stinging political activities, what about the groundswell we now know as Charlottesville, VA? Journalist Terresa Monroe-Hamilton poked at the true motives of the event’s organizer, Jason Kessler: “Is this a mistake or is he indeed a liberal gone racist? Is he a plant and this whole thing a set up to pit Americans against each other? Lots of questions and very, very few answers.” Indeed, diligent digging is necessary.

Connecting the Dots

It has been said ad-nauseam: the Clintons undeniably have a trail of bodies —dead ones— behind them. All roads lead to them and people closely associated with either of the two. In all this continuing stream of dubious destruction and a tallying loss of life, evidence exists. Obvious or not, there is always evidence. I never came away from a crime scene where I didn’t bag…something.

Whether it’s on personal or government computer hard-drives, tablets in desk drawers, scratched on the back pages of notepads, or even in swirling smoke signals…the fire is burning and forensic specialists must analyze the embers so as to put all this historical political playwriting to bed. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BoP), there is ample room at the inn and orange jumpsuits are starched.

Any law enforcement official knows well that due process entails piecing elements together for presentation to the courts. Warrants are required for seizure of property, such as computer gadgetry, so that technical gods can tinker with parts and unearth admissible evidence for prosecutorial means. In that regard, it takes impartial judges with objective perspectives to consider probable cause affidavits furnished by law enforcement investigators.

That is where meticulous minds painstakingly piece cases together to produce viable suspects.  Respectfully, grand juries necessitate forensic analysts to break down what they do and how they do it in layperson terms. Those forensic geniuses I have been awed by always conveyed findings in techno-parlance and easily-digestible generics. Believed to be an internal operative with key access to government databases sleuthing under a pseudonym, Forensicator translated some of the technical, dispelling the tired and stale Russian hacking narrative chronically hurled by DNC mouthpieces.

In all of this, a huge chunk —the iceberg masked below the waterline— is what DNC-affiliates have in their possession, on hardware systems, jotted in clandestinely safeguarded notebooks, or at the bottom of a Cracker Jacks box up on the Hill. Forensically, the prize awaits discovery.

As the dots are connected, more seem to pop-up like stars in an infinite galaxy. In my world, that is all the more reason for detectives to get feisty, to feel the force of their tin, to push harder.

Technically (and legally), we are poised to let the cat out of the bag. There are at least nine lives that did not survive the politics. As Lawrence highlighted in his article, we have the skill set in place to sew all the threads together…and all we need now is unimpeded access.

Many of us have already begun to question and analyze the bizarre nature of Charlottesville and who is masterminding implosive constructs, pulling and pushing levers, perhaps leaving latent prints on the joysticks. The fire is ignited. Opposing factions are jutting jaws. Ripples of civil war are concentrically creating wake.

An avid Trump supporter telling it like it is, Sally Galante intimated “It’s a touchy subject for a lot of people who are very passionate about so many things but with today’s social media and billions of people on it every minute of the day, worldwide, the corrupt media moguls who know they can control the minds of the masses and they do, I feel, should be held accountable, for the divisive rhetoric they feed our young and old and everyone in between daily.” Yep, the media driving the plotlines certainly buoy Left-leaning initiatives.

As prescient as prescient can be, Paul Harvey authored “If I Were the Devil” in 1965. Albeit chilling, listen to his words and decide for yourself if it matches today’s reality. It reads like a script that is being followed to the letter.

As a retired investigator, I rest assured that acutely-skilled forensic operators chomp at the bit to scour the technologic gadgetry for dirt. Dirt which, when surfaced, will ultimately cleanse our political physiology and serve to restore/buttress its integrity. The big reveal of those behind the cancerous grand malignancy will have a finale, just not the one they bargained for. And that speaks to the wicked pathology of said actors whose masks will surely fall forward.

We are at the precipice of raking leaves and pruning branches of government, and Clinton canker must go once and for all.  Donna Brazile’s conscience must’ve been too heavy to bear.  And, in the words of actress Susan Sarandon referring to almost-president Hillary Clinton: “I did think she was very, very dangerous,” adding “It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice.” Liberals are reportedly shunning the accomplished actress.

I’m not much for clones, either. Very, very dangerous indeed. Now, let’s decrypt the Deep State once and for all.

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Stephen Owsinski

Stephen Owsinski is an OpsLens Content Manager and Contributor. Owsinski is a retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit. He is currently a researcher and writer. Follow Stephen on Twitter @uniformblue.

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