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The Trump Administration’s ‘Deep State Problem’ at State Department is Now Erupting and Destabilizing Latin America

Obama Administration hold-overs and billionaire globalist George Soros are running US foreign policy into the proverbial “ditch” and potentially creating the Latin American version of the “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East.

Prominent and knowledgeable Republican senators and core Trump supporters are outraged by President Trump’s nomination of former Hillary Clinton aide Joseph MacManus as the next ambassador to Colombia. The Washington Free Beacon broke the story by Susan Crabtree on November 27, 2017:

“Despite warnings from two GOP senators, President Donald Trump moved forward with nominating a prominent career State Department official and top aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become ambassador to Colombia.”  The source further said, “The MacManus nomination was Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon’s choice all the way and shows the State Department bureaucrats are running roughshod over the White House political team who frankly ought to be embarrassed for allowing the nomination to be made,”.

In addition to MacManus, a reliable OpsLens source has learned that Ambassador Todd Robinson is about to be nominated as the US ambassador to Venezuela.

This is, obviously, Under-Secretary of State Tom Shannon’s choice. Robinson was the US ambassador to Guatemala during the Obama administration and remained at that post until September 2017. Robinson has been vociferously accused of promoting a pro-Marxist agenda cloaked in human rights and charitable causes. Robinson’s actions were in keeping with Obama’s pro-Cuba realignment.

In follow-up articles, I will detail specific instances where Robinson pressured Guatemalan senior government officials to accept leftist operatives to skew the justice systems to the far left. Robinson has been tweeting (up to a dozen times on a given day) about his agenda in Guatemala, even as recently as a few days ago—despite US Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga being in place in Guatemala City for two months.

Quite frankly, Robinson was interfering in the sovereignty and governance of Guatemala. There are pictures of Ambassador Robinson at a US election night party in Guatemala City, at the Westin Camino Real Hotel on the evening of the US presidential election on November 8, 2016. At that party, several witnesses I talked with heard Robinson make derogatory comments about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump—in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton victory. Once it was clear that Trump was going to win, Robinson stormed out of the hotel rather than giving a unifying speech.

There are several other US State Department “Deep State” actions that are very troubling. The US State Department has courted controversy by announcing it will plough $700,000 into Hungarian media, angering the country’s anti-globalist, conservative government. “The obvious subtext to all of this is that the State Department funding effort is intended to bolster anti-government and opposition media. This suggests it is still pursuing Obama-era, anti-conservative policy objectives internationally in defiance of President Trump, who has praised Prime Minister Orbán—the first European leader to back him—as ‘strong and brave.’” We rightfully criticize Russia for meddling in US elections, yet the US State Department is meddling in Hungary’s internal affairs.

The funding was announced by US Chargé d‘Affaires to Hungary, David Kostelancik, who has previously appeared to openly criticize the Trump administration by alluding to “apparent inconsistencies in [US] foreign policy” and remarking that “not every criticism of the government is ‘fake news.’”

An acting ambassador to Hungary does not make these types of controversial announcements without top cover from Under-Secretary of State Tom Shannon—described by State Department insiders as Secretary of State Tillerson’s right-hand man.

All of this makes Senate confirmation hearings an impending debacle for the Trump administration—at a time when unity in the Republican party is needed to pass the Tax Reform Bill.

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