Should Americans Have Faith in the Federal Justice System?

I tend to limit my commentary to issues that directly impact local, i.e., municipal, county, state, etc., law enforcement because that’s what I know best. But I’m growing concerned with what appears to be a rise in the public’s lack of confidence in federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies due to its leaders’ fostering of a two-tiered justice system, which protects certain highly placed politicians and bureaucrats from investigation and prosecution. How can this diminishing respect not impact the public’s view of criminal justice in general?

How could incidents such as the ATF’s Fast & Furious scandal, the IRS’s Tea Party scandal, and now the FBI’s myriad intrigue, not have weakened federal law enforcement in the eyes of the American public? If people don’t see the justice system, federal and local, as addressing wrongdoing by political elites with the same resolve as it does with the general public, then we have to ask what happened to our having fought a revolution to separate ourselves from the arbitrary justice of a monarchy?