Women’s March Organizers Largely Silent on Hollywood Scandal

“I’m starting to see a pattern of hypocrisy that only allows feminists to call out men who oppose their overall cause.”

I decided to visit the feminists of social media to see how they were handling the scandalous Harvey Weinstein sex allegations that have been brought to light recently. Surely, Linda Sarsour and her minions would have tons of social media posts loudly acknowledging every single word women have made recounting horrifying experiences they have bravely come out to share. Maybe even a barrage of posts in support of victims, with information on how to get help.

Not only has queen bee Linda Sarsour remained completely silent on the matter, her “girls” have only acknowledged the scandal by retweeting social media posts from others that fit their narrative of being silenced.

The actual Women’s March official Twitter does loosely address the incident and offers supporting words to victims. However, the actual organizers seem to be more interested in defending the fact that Bernie Sanders will be the opening keynote for the Women’s Convention later this month. It’s downright hilarious that these organizers are having to answer to their followers for allowing men to speak at the convention.

This just shows how insane these so-called feminists get. I’m reminded of the Women’s March on Washington in protest of President Donald Trump. They rallied celebrities such as Madonna and Ashley Judd—who coincidentally turned out to be a victim of Weinstein—to loudly denounce President Trump. Why can’t these women now loudly blast Hollywood?

Let’s not forget that as the Weinstein story broke and women began to speak, Ben Affleck was also called out for sexually harassing women. One victim spoke out, and another shortly after. Affleck has since apologized for “behaving inappropriately” literally a day after he released a statement feigning shock and disappointment at the revelations that Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting pig.

Even Hillary Clinton gave a half-assed rebuke of Weinstein, covering her own self by pointing out that she wasn’t the only influential person close to him. She showed absolutely no outrage. Yet she spoke no words on any of the other allegations that have surfaced on the heels of Weinstein’s exposure (no pun intended).

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more big names in the headlines as women everywhere realize we will believe them. I’d like to see these disgusting liberal men blasted like President Trump rightfully was upon the resurfacing of the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

We are all aware of the corrupt system that is Hollywood. Now is the time for feminists to turn their voices up and expose all of these perverts. Instead, they would rather cry about the NFL and ESPN. I’m starting to see a pattern of hypocrisy that only allows feminists to call out men who oppose their overall cause. Of course there are perverts of all backgrounds and beliefs. They should all be exposed and dragged. Now is the time to keep the spotlight on the systemic abuse of women in the entertainment industry.

Linda Sarsour’s silence on this matter has spoken volumes.

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Angelina Newsom

Angelina Newsom is a U.S. Army Veteran. She has ten years experience in the military, including a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. She studies Criminal Justice and is still active within the military community.

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